Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WYWW/31 Days...Picking What You Love!

So happy for it to be Wednesday already, it means we're half way through the week and man it's flying by!!!  I've been waiting for this weekend for a couple months, now!  It means it's time for The Color Run...woohooo:)  I've been training for this for almost 2 months now.  Wish me luck:)

On to the 31 day challenge/Watching Your Weight Wednesdays(WYWW), so now that you have your goals, incentives, and weight loss contract all ready to go then the next step is picking out a type of exercise.  My suggestion would be to pick out an exercise that you will LOVE!   This one is really so obvious, I'm sure you're all saying ...I already knew this one!  Before when I would exercise, it was a-ok, but nothing that I LOVED doing UNTIL I running and Zumba came into my life!  There's nothing like finding something that you want and need to do every week otherwise you just don't feel like yourself.  That's what running and Zumba has done for me:)Maybe you haven't found an exercise that you love yet, and ask someone to be your exercise buddy that will go with you to a different class and try something different. Or maybe your a mom on the go, and you don't have much time for an exercise class then why not try exercise videos such as:


Last, but not least......
Which leads me to the next bit of advice, try to find an exercise buddy that will come with you to a class and give you some encouragement along the way!  Because we all know it great to have that accountability piece or at least that was something HUGE for me:)   Try to hold yourself accountable as much as you can throughout this process.  It will help you out tons when the going gets tough!!!

If you want to look at some different types of exercise and what each kind of exercise will help you with here are some sites to check out:

Different Types of Exercises
Live Strong
Live Strong - This link has TONS of articles on any where from which exercises will lead to the most fat loss to what type of clothing to choose for different activities!
Help Guide - This link explains the benefits to exercising on a regular basis.
Oprah - Top 10 exercises for women.
Shape - Tips to a more intense workout.
Medicine Net - Fitness and Exercise Quiz
Women's Health - Guide to what type of workout is best for your body type!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and I'm so excited to hear you'll be in Florida in December! That's a great time to visit WDW up until the week of Christmas or so. :) Also I'm glad to now be following your series! I'm watching my weight to through Weight Watchers. I've lost 33lbs so far this year and losing 104lbs is my goal (I gained 60 just between my 2 pregnancies - blah!). It's always motivating to find someone else sharing in the journey. I've never tried Zumba but I have some weight watcher friends who swear it's amazing. I should get on trying that!

  2. You are gonna to GREAT n the run! We have one coming to Austin in February that I am going to do! I need to start running!!! :)


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