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Day 14: Top 10 Exercising and Diet Myths!

Hey All!!!  I thought that it would be a great idea to share some myths with you about your diet and exercise.  It's pretty important to get the right information to help you lose the weight along the way!

First myth:  Crunches will eliminate belly fat.  (False)
You really can't pick which part of the body you would like to lose weight from.  So, with a combination of cardo and weight lifting will help with decreasing this issue.

Second myth:  Stretching before workouts is a must! (False)

This one was hard for me to accept because I have always been told to stretch before I workout and especially right before I run!  There have been studies done and there really isn't much correlation between the two.  The studies have showed just as many people who don't exercise get injured as the ones who do!  I still stretch before my workouts.  I think it may also depend on your body.  In the study, it stated that if you have always stretched before a workout then it would be a good idea to continue to do that.  So, I'm sticking with stretching, but I just thought that I would let everyone know:)

Third myth:   The more you workout the better.  (False)

There have been many articles that I have read that say that you need to give your body a break from all of the strain that you are putting on it with exercise.  Your muscles need time to repair and get ready for that next workout.  I'm definitely guilty of this! Ever since I started exercising on a regular basis, it's hard for me not to exercise on a certain because it makes me feel lazy.  I know it's kinda crazy, but I do!  I need to work on this!

Fourth myth:  Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthier than frozen or canned. (False!)
This is what I always thought and that is one of the reasons why I buy fresh vs. frozen or canned(especially canned!)    They say it doesn't matter how your getting your servings of fruits and veggies as long as your getting them then it's a-ok!  Plus, frozen or canned, is much cheaper than fresh:)

Fifth myth:  Drinking water can help you lose weight. (False)

Drinking water will not help you lose weight, or feel more full, according to Fitness magazine!  It even stated that you don't necessarily need to drink 8 glasses of water each day, more like 4-6 glasses!  They said the reason why you may feel more full when you drink water is because you are too busy with going back and forth to the restroom and refilling your glass.  I'm not for sure how I feel about this one:-/

Sixth myth:  Lifting weight will make you look bulky. (False)

You don't have to worry about looking like the Hulk or any where even close to that!  Women don't have near the testorone that men do.  In order for women to bulk up that much, you would need to take a supplement AND lift weights ALL of the time!  Also, remember lifting weights helps you lose weight!  It would be a great idea to try and lift weights at least twice a week:)

Seventh myth:  Sports bras are to help with painful bounce. (False)

Sports bras help, not only the painful bounce but, also so your breasts won't sag.  When you are involved with high impact activities your breasts need the proper support, so gravity won't weight them down!

Eighth myth:  Cardio machines can count how many calories that you are burning. (False)

If the machine doesn't ask for your weight, body composition, and sex then it doesn't calculate how many calories you are truly burning.  It needs to know all of those things in order to know how much calories you are really burning.

Ninth myth:  Reduced fat = Low in fat.  (False)

The FDA states that in order for a label of "reduced fat" to be slapped onto a food item then that item needs to be 25% less in fat than the original food item. So, you could buy a food item that is reduced in fat, but still has 10 grams of fat because the original had 13 grams of fat.  So, beware when you are finding food items that have that label!

Tenth myth:  If you exercise then you should drink sports drinks. (False)

If you are exercising for fun or on a daily basis and not training for the oymplics or for a professional sport(2 hours or more)  then you will be fine with drinking water.  Sports drinks do give you eletrolyes, but you can get those from your diet.  try and stick to water and save those extra calories for something else:)

So, there you have the top 10 exercising and diet myths uncovered!!!  I hope it helped you with your weight loss efforts:)

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Until next time!!!!

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  1. If I don't stretch before I work out I'm extremely sore afterwards, so it may not actually help from getting injured but it sure does help me feel better. I disagree about water too, I swear if I drink a glass before every meal I feel more full and eat less. I don't drink 8 glasses though. Pretty interesting stuff to read.


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