Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Do!

Yes, I'm going to get my hair all did up today!  I haven't gotten my hair cut in what seems like AGES!  It's definitely been longer than what I should have gone without a cut, that's for sure!  I'm trying to grow my hair out, so eventually it will be long enough to go ombre!  It's kinda a bold move for me, since I never do anything like that.  I just hope by the time I grow my hair out that ombre won't be in style anymore and then my hair will not look the best!  Oh...well, we'll see! That's all I can do at this point:)

Here are some inspiration for my dream ombre hair:





So, this time around, I'm just getting it cut and no color for this girly because my hair is soo damaged!  I need it to get healthy before I color or highlight it again.

Here are some hair cuts that I was thinking of...I guess the hairstylist would need to piece bits and pieces from each of the hairstyles into one!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dreaming of Redecorating!

Well, the hubby has made great progress on our basement with the help of his dad and mine:)  Mainly, it's been all him though!  I'm VERY lucky to have a hubby that does such an awesome job with remodeling!  It's not quite finished yet, BUT it's getting there!  I hope that it will be finished at least by June.  By "it", I mean the family room and bar room area(excluding the bar back splash.) 

Since, we are getting closer and closer as time goes by, I have been pinning inspiration rooms like crazy!  Truly, if you follow me on Pinterest then you know already!  I know I want something bright in our basement, especially the family room because there is NO natural light.  That really bums me out, but you have to work with what you have, right?!?!?

I want to carry the teal and grey color scheme in the family room, with maybe splashes of pink and/or yellow.  Haven't decided yet!  Here are some of the inspirations that I would like our family room to look like:
I love the wall color and how the lines of the chairs are so clean!
LOVE the mix of colors in this room!  It's so bright and airy looking.  I just don't know what the hubby would think  of this one!
 Love the color combo AND the light fixture!  The light fixture give the room extra texture that I heart:)
 I must really like this room since I pinned it twice!
This one has to be one of my favs!  I really like how the walls are little more subtle and then there are sprinkles of pink, teal, and I could see how grey could be incorporated!


This pic is a great inspiration!  TOO many choices!
 Here's a little yellow, grey, and teal!

The reason why I pinned this one is I really like the feel that the end table gives in this room!  It really makes it look more classy and fancy:)


LOVE this ottoman!!!  I love the color and the shape!  If only I could find something like this where I live!!

So, as you can tell, I do have somewhat of a theme.  Now, just to be able to narrow it down!  I also need to be thinking of colors for our living room.  When the basement is finished we will paint our living room and get new furniture for it also.  It will just be easier that way.  We will be able to get it finished all at once:)

Is there anyone else out who is head-over-heels for teal this season?!?!?
I sure am and it's not only for decor!  I have bought some adorable mint heels, teal dress, and a shirt that has mint in it!  I just can't get enough:)

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!

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Until next time!!!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Skinny BBQ Chicken Pizza!!!

Hey there Strangers!  It's been, yet again, forever since I've posted anything.  My main focus has been on exercise and eating healthy, plus planning for for my sis's bridal shower, and my friends bridal shower!  So, I've been really busy and trying to stay focused on my goals:)  I hope everyone has had a great month!

This month has been great for me!  I had my sister's bridesmaids and my mom over to my house to work on the bridal. We did ALOT for it and I still have some other things to put together!  I don't want to post anything on here, until it's over with because I'm afraid my sis will see:-o  I want to keep everything a surprise from her:-)

On Wednesday, the hubby and I tried something new and it was a skinny BBQ "mini" pizza!  Let me tell you there were VERY delicious:):)  I just have to share the recipe with you all!
Yumminess Squared!!!

You all know that I'm all about quick and easy.  This recipe is right down that alley!

- Soft shell tacos(the biggest ones, burrito sized)
 - 1/2 of a can of canned chicken
- Baby Ray's BBQ sauce( or another BBQ sauce of your choice)
- Low mositure/ part skim Mozzierella shredded cheese
- Onions

The directions are really pretty simple!

First, grab a pizza pan and spray it with Pam.  Next, place your soft shell taco on the pan and squirt some BBQ sauce on.  Then, sprinkle on some chicken, onion, and top with cheese!  Voila, finished!  It sure is yummy!!!  The hubby and I also made turkey pepperoni pizza with onions, pizza sauce(of course), and cheese!  That one was just as easy:)

Well, I hope all of you have an amazing Friday and enjoy your weekend!!!  I know I will be:)  It's suppose to be warming up to the 40's here and hopefully melt some of our 2' piles of snow!

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Until next time!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Outfit Love!

Lately, I have been loving trying on clothes!  I'm starting to get my confidence back or I guess I should say, I have my confidence back:)  I think that I look pretty good!  I have worked really hard to get to where I am now!  Why not show off my hard work?

Here are some different outfits that I tried on, thought they looked pretty cute, but didn't buy them:(

What do you guys think?

My Fav Outfit!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

V-day Nails!

This year, I didn't decorate or do any special DIY projects for Valentine's Day, but I did try something new with my nails!  I know this is a day late, but better late than never:)

White Heart!

AND on V-day, I was surprised with this lovely boutique of flowers at work:)  The hubby made me feel extra special!  It's even my favorite color!!!

We are celebrating V-day this Saturday by going out to eat a local Italian restaurant, visiting Scratch(our fav place to eat cupcakes), and watching "identity Theft.  I can't wait until we have our date night:):)  It is going to be so much fun and I can't wait!

I hope you all had a fabulous Vday and got to spend it with the people you love.  Here's to a great weekend ahead!!!!

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Until next time!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

PIN-teresting Finds:):)

So lately, I have been pinning up a storm, but I guess that's not really anything new!  I have been finding all sorts of neat pins.  Pins from working out inspiration to outfits that I completely adore.  There really is no rhyme or reason to what I have been pinning...if I find it interesting then I PIN it!

I wanted to share with you all some pretty A-mazing pins that I have come across:)  These are pretty random....

You all know how I LOVE different ideas for painting your finger nails and I just fell in love with this idea!  It reminds me of spring and I think these colors are really in this season:)
How adorbs are these?!?!?!  I just don't know if I could make the anchor.  It looks a little on the challenging side:-o

Not only am I HUGE fan of finger nail polish, but I heart anything dealing with makeup, especially eye shadow.  I don't know how many places or times you could try this, but isn't it just awesome?!?
The colors are so bright and fun!!!

I could be considered an addict for accessories because I have so many bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and etc.  This watch is rocking, but my favorite is the bracelet!!  I want to find a "believe" bracelet because I need to be reminded daily or whenever I feel that I need it, to believe in myself, and the things that I can accomplish:)  Since starting this weight loss journey, that is what has gotten me to where I am now!  Anyways, here it is.....
Pretty amazeballs!!!

Like I said, accessories = happy me:)  I also found a unique scarf!  I've never seen a scarf quite like this one before.  Isn't it just darling?
Click on the link and it will bring you right to the Etsy shop where you can purchase this scarf! I just may have to invest in it:)  We'll see!

Which brings me next to an outfit that would be completely cute to wear for summer!!!
The color combo is out of this world!!!  These type of necklaces make such a statement and I would really like to get one for myself:)

I'm going to do a complete 180, but here is a winter/snow bunny outfit.  
Never really thought grey and beige would go together, but this totally works!!!

Coral is another color in which I love!   This dress is perfect! I love how it flares out and is so flowy:)
And girls just have to have TONS of shoes.  How about adding this one to your collection?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Yes, I have yet another goal to share with you all!!!  I need to have goals to work towards in order to help me stay motivated and to keep on losing that weight.  Our Live Healthy Iowa, Weight Loss Strippers, have decided to enroll in a 5K April 6th around our area that we live in.  We are going to do this as a team and be there for encouragement!

My goal is to finish with a faster time than what I had when I ran my 2nd 5K this past fall.  I believe I ran it in 30 minutes 50ish seconds.  So far, I am able to run straight through a total of 1.5 miles at 6 mph.  Now, this isn't the best, BUT I do have quite a while to prepare for this.  It's harder for me to run when I have to run on the treadmill.  Iowa weather isn't really the best for running during the winter months.  I know it's pretty obvious why I don't, but I want to share anyways.  1. it's freezing cold!!!  I don't do that well with breathing, especially now, when I run outside in cold weather.  2.  I'm always afraid of slipping on ice or snow when I run during the winter months.  I guess, I'm just a little baby when it comes to that; instead I chose to run inside on a treadmill!  It isn't the most ideal, but it will work for now until it warms up and there isn't any ice or snow around!

As you all know, I love Pinterest and find so many neat pins on there!  I pin way more than I need, but times like these, I can always go back through and look to see what pins could help me for whatever I need them for:)  So, I want to share with you some different websites that I found that might help out beginning runners, like me!

Here is some info on running from a great blogger, Skinny Meg!
Running Tips
If you were looking for a great weight loss blog and inspiration, then definitely check this one out!!!  She is awesome:)

Runner's World is a site that gives in info on, you guessed it, running!

Do you want to Rock Your Run?
Rock Your Run!
If you want to rock it, (and who doesn't want to???) then check out this article!!!

Beginning Running Tips
She has quite a few different posts about running, be sure to check her blog out:)

Here is the ultimate link!  101 Running Tips:):)  This is another great post that gives a TON of advice on running!!!!

The name of this post says it all!!!  Go and check it out:)

So there you have it!!!  Just a couple useful websites that I thought that I would share with you all:):)  I hope that you find some new information that will help you, as it did for me!

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

~Live Healthy Iowa~

Here's to another step of the weight loss journey!  I decided to join Live Healthy Iowa this year, in hopes that this will be just another type of motivation to keep the weight loss a goin'!

What is Live Healthy Iowa, you might ask?  Well, it's a simple plan where you form teams in order to lose weight!  Your team should help each other with losing weight whether it would be encouragement, working out together, setting goals with each other, holding each other accountable, or even planning events such as 5K's or 10K's to do together and accomplish as a team!  It's a 10 week plan where you make healthier choices to lose weight, tone up, or just be healthier.

Each member of your team enters their weight and how long you workout each and every week.  Your team can win prizes at the end of the challenge by being the team who loses the most percentage of weight or exercises the longest amount of time within your area!

Our group consists of: Bubba(my brother), Tiffany(friend), Dana(friend), Ben (friend's finacee), and myself:)  You even get to pick a name for your team and ours is...wait for it....wait for it.....Weight Loss Strippers!!!!  YES, isn't it the best?!?!?!?  Hopefully, we will be the best Weight Loss Strippers, there ever could be:):):)

She is a skinny minnie, but wants to tone up before her wedding in June!  She is the one I mentioned in this post!


Bubba has already lost 20 lbs since the beginning of the year!!!  GOOOO Bubba!!!  He is really rocking the weight loss wagon:):):)

Together as a team, we will get to our goals, our at least start to jump on the healthy wagon, if we haven't already!  It's always easier to do it together instead of by yourself!  Gooo team, GO!!!!  This is going to give me just that extra push that I need to be successful and reach that goal of mine!

Thanks for stopping by:):):):)

Until next time!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update!!!

Well, here it is a week from when I posted last!  What can I say, I'm one busy girl and I need to get into a habit of coming on here more often because I miss blogging:(  I promised you all a post of what I did two weekends ago.  I made some delish dinner for the fam and some great friends.  We had a fabulous time with conversing, playing BLINK, and catching up!  Here are some photos from that night!
Sis and I:)
 Of course have to take pic with the sis!  Love her so much:)  On another note, I just bought that top and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  It definitely is a bright color, BUT it reminds me of spring and around this area(Iowa) you need to have a reminder of what is to come because this snow stuff is getting old!  The other reason why I LOVE this blazer is because it makes me look pretty tan, especially since I'm really white!  Coral must a a good color for my skin!  Who woulda thunk it!
Awww....hubby and I!!
Love him to pieces:):):):)

Later on that night!
~Photo Bombed~
This was the culprit....well one of them!
Looking good Daner!!!
And of course...Luc Doggers and I!!!
Yes, I admit, I am a picture whore!  When I have a few cocktails, it gets even worse, BUT at least I get to look back at these pics and remember the good time that was had by all:):)

So, that was 2 weekends ago and I had a blast!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!  Here's to a great week ahead:):):)

Thanks for stopping by:):):):)

Until next time!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Planning Begins, Again!

Hey Everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend:)  I did!!!  I spent it with the hubby, friends, and the fam:)  I will have to share that with you in a post coming soon.  Right now, I want to share what we're planning for a bridal shower that we are putting on for my best friend!  As you may know already, I'm in a total of 3 weddings, spanning out over about 6 months.  So, I will be a extremely busy girl!  I started planning or should I say pinning some ideas for 2 bridal showers a LONG time ago, maybe a year or so ago.  Now, it's time to look over those pins and start the actual planning process.  This is by far my favorite thing to do:)  I love planning for parties and finding some unique games and such!  Another one of the bridesmaids and I started going over some ideas for 1 bridal shower today!

Her wedding theme is romantic and winery feeling, so we just thought it would make sense to follow that theme for her bridal shower:)  These are some of the different ideas that we had discussed and found:

For party favors for the guests, we thought buy some wine glasses from Dollar Tree, paint the bottoms with chalk board paint, AND let the guests make their own wine charms....
Wine Glasses
Once we figured out what type of favors we could have for the guests then we started thinking about decor.....
Wine Cork Votives!
These would be the perfect addition to the tables, wouldn't they?!?!?!

Two Twenty One
What about these candle holders filled with wine corks from Two Twenty One?  These could be another option for adding something to the food or gift table:)

Cork Holders
We could use corks as holders to tell what type of cheese or names of food/drinks that we have.

We could spray paint the wine bottles and write sayings on them:)