Thursday, March 7, 2013

Skinny BBQ Chicken Pizza!!!

Hey there Strangers!  It's been, yet again, forever since I've posted anything.  My main focus has been on exercise and eating healthy, plus planning for for my sis's bridal shower, and my friends bridal shower!  So, I've been really busy and trying to stay focused on my goals:)  I hope everyone has had a great month!

This month has been great for me!  I had my sister's bridesmaids and my mom over to my house to work on the bridal. We did ALOT for it and I still have some other things to put together!  I don't want to post anything on here, until it's over with because I'm afraid my sis will see:-o  I want to keep everything a surprise from her:-)

On Wednesday, the hubby and I tried something new and it was a skinny BBQ "mini" pizza!  Let me tell you there were VERY delicious:):)  I just have to share the recipe with you all!
Yumminess Squared!!!

You all know that I'm all about quick and easy.  This recipe is right down that alley!

- Soft shell tacos(the biggest ones, burrito sized)
 - 1/2 of a can of canned chicken
- Baby Ray's BBQ sauce( or another BBQ sauce of your choice)
- Low mositure/ part skim Mozzierella shredded cheese
- Onions

The directions are really pretty simple!

First, grab a pizza pan and spray it with Pam.  Next, place your soft shell taco on the pan and squirt some BBQ sauce on.  Then, sprinkle on some chicken, onion, and top with cheese!  Voila, finished!  It sure is yummy!!!  The hubby and I also made turkey pepperoni pizza with onions, pizza sauce(of course), and cheese!  That one was just as easy:)

Well, I hope all of you have an amazing Friday and enjoy your weekend!!!  I know I will be:)  It's suppose to be warming up to the 40's here and hopefully melt some of our 2' piles of snow!

Thanks for stopping by:):):):)

Until next time!!!!

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  1. This looks SO good! I've been looking for good healthy recipes. I love how healthy you are becoming! and bridal showers are SO much fun, I just went to one the other weekend! :)


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