Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Yes, I have yet another goal to share with you all!!!  I need to have goals to work towards in order to help me stay motivated and to keep on losing that weight.  Our Live Healthy Iowa, Weight Loss Strippers, have decided to enroll in a 5K April 6th around our area that we live in.  We are going to do this as a team and be there for encouragement!

My goal is to finish with a faster time than what I had when I ran my 2nd 5K this past fall.  I believe I ran it in 30 minutes 50ish seconds.  So far, I am able to run straight through a total of 1.5 miles at 6 mph.  Now, this isn't the best, BUT I do have quite a while to prepare for this.  It's harder for me to run when I have to run on the treadmill.  Iowa weather isn't really the best for running during the winter months.  I know it's pretty obvious why I don't, but I want to share anyways.  1. it's freezing cold!!!  I don't do that well with breathing, especially now, when I run outside in cold weather.  2.  I'm always afraid of slipping on ice or snow when I run during the winter months.  I guess, I'm just a little baby when it comes to that; instead I chose to run inside on a treadmill!  It isn't the most ideal, but it will work for now until it warms up and there isn't any ice or snow around!

As you all know, I love Pinterest and find so many neat pins on there!  I pin way more than I need, but times like these, I can always go back through and look to see what pins could help me for whatever I need them for:)  So, I want to share with you some different websites that I found that might help out beginning runners, like me!

Here is some info on running from a great blogger, Skinny Meg!
Running Tips
If you were looking for a great weight loss blog and inspiration, then definitely check this one out!!!  She is awesome:)

Runner's World is a site that gives in info on, you guessed it, running!

Do you want to Rock Your Run?
Rock Your Run!
If you want to rock it, (and who doesn't want to???) then check out this article!!!

Beginning Running Tips
She has quite a few different posts about running, be sure to check her blog out:)

Here is the ultimate link!  101 Running Tips:):)  This is another great post that gives a TON of advice on running!!!!

The name of this post says it all!!!  Go and check it out:)

So there you have it!!!  Just a couple useful websites that I thought that I would share with you all:):)  I hope that you find some new information that will help you, as it did for me!

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!

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