Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Planning Begins, Again!

Hey Everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend:)  I did!!!  I spent it with the hubby, friends, and the fam:)  I will have to share that with you in a post coming soon.  Right now, I want to share what we're planning for a bridal shower that we are putting on for my best friend!  As you may know already, I'm in a total of 3 weddings, spanning out over about 6 months.  So, I will be a extremely busy girl!  I started planning or should I say pinning some ideas for 2 bridal showers a LONG time ago, maybe a year or so ago.  Now, it's time to look over those pins and start the actual planning process.  This is by far my favorite thing to do:)  I love planning for parties and finding some unique games and such!  Another one of the bridesmaids and I started going over some ideas for 1 bridal shower today!

Her wedding theme is romantic and winery feeling, so we just thought it would make sense to follow that theme for her bridal shower:)  These are some of the different ideas that we had discussed and found:

For party favors for the guests, we thought buy some wine glasses from Dollar Tree, paint the bottoms with chalk board paint, AND let the guests make their own wine charms....
Wine Glasses
Once we figured out what type of favors we could have for the guests then we started thinking about decor.....
Wine Cork Votives!
These would be the perfect addition to the tables, wouldn't they?!?!?!

Two Twenty One
What about these candle holders filled with wine corks from Two Twenty One?  These could be another option for adding something to the food or gift table:)

Cork Holders
We could use corks as holders to tell what type of cheese or names of food/drinks that we have.

We could spray paint the wine bottles and write sayings on them:)

Wine Crates
Use wine crates as decoration!  I think we're going to call around to different wineries and see if they would give them to us or if we could buy them.
Really like the idea of putting a flower in a wine bottle or even a wine glass:) Very simple, but elegant and pretty!

I want to put together a "focus" table, whether it be the food table or the gift table.  This "focus" table would have more decorations on it or around it.  I really want to make a "focus" table using something like this:

"Focus Table"
Usually I think that balloons as decorations can be kinda tacky and I try to stay away, but this would be pretty amazing!  I just don't know if this follows the theme:(

This would go along with the theme wouldn't it?!?!?  I kid, I kid!!!  It's definitely strange and kinda creepy, but just had to share:)

Intial Wine Cork
What a neat little DIY gift to give to her!  She wants one of these to use at the wedding...perfect:):)

Wine Bottles and Poems for Each New Milestone as Husband and Wife!

Wine Bottle Signing
What a great keepsake to have from the bridal shower!  She could use it at the wedding or put it somewhere in her house to help her remember that special day:)

Food :
Food Display
I heart this one!
 Very simple, but love it:):):)

We thought it would be great to have different types of cheeses, fruit, bread, dips, and some other types of finger foods!  How fun!!!

Grape Cake Pops!
Wouldn't these be cute and easy to make?

These are just some of the ideas that we have up our sleeves and are looking to:)  We have compiled quite a few games.  Stop back soon to see what we found and would like to try!!!

Until next time!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by:):):):)


  1. It looks like you have a great theme going on! Those ideas are fabulous, can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Cute!!! My BFF is almost engaged and I'm already excited to plan things like this very soon! :)


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