Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 6 of To a Happier and Healthier You: Confidence is Key!

Isn't this the truth?
Lately, I have been doing some serious thinking about what changed in me for me to lose so much weight and to start looking at things in my life in positive light.  It got me to thinking that one of the key things to weight loss, for me anyways, is to try to see things positively and to have confidence in yourself!  I know this is going to be a long post, so I apologize, but this is something that I'm pretty passionate about...sorry in advance!

Before I started this weight loss journey, I had a convo with one of my close friends and I told her that I am a yo-yo dieter and I think the reason I do this is because once I get at my goal weight then I'm not happy with it or how I look.  We debated about this topic for a while, she also has done the same, as far as yo-yo dieting goes.  I kept on telling her that no matter what I wasn't happy and she told me that she will be once she gets to her goal weight.

Fast forward 4 months later, she has now lost her weight and I've noticed the only things that she says about herself are negative comments about her body and how she looks in pictures, how she wishes she could change this and that.  This is exactly what I was talking about before and how it's such a vicious cycle.  So, I'm going to pose this question:  How can we ever be happy with ourselves? Is it possible to be completely, truly, and 100% happy with yourself? Or will you always find flaws?

The quote above is so fitting for anyone who is going through their own weight loss journey because it's not only what your doing as far as diet and exercise go, but also how you see the world.  Once I started this weight loss journey, I tried to start to look at the positive things in my life such as: what great family, and friends that I have in my life:)  I tried to focus on the qualities that I like about myself, and try not to think about myself in a negative way!  I want to have positivity surround me and the only way to do it is to embrace it yourself!!!
As you are trying to lose weight, I want you to think about or even write down everything what is positive in your life.  Even write down some things that you like about yourself or even just one thing positive about yourself.  Everyday think of one good thing you can say about yourself to get used to thinking positively about you!!!  You could even start to journal your positive thoughts about yourself!  We all know, once you look at yourself in a different way then that's when your weight loss journey, not only transforms what you look like on the outside, but also on the inside.

You will start to feel more at ease and comfortable with yourself.  Remember YOU are the biggest judge of yourself:)  Give yourself some credit, especially when credit is due! Everyone of us has great qualities and why not own up to them?

Once you start to look at yourself in a positive way, then you will allow yourself to think this:
You will have more confidence to and believe in yourself for things you never thought you would be able to do!

And love this quote.....
This next quote is definitely true...don't you think?!?  "Think Positively" is #1:)

Love this!!!

You have this choice!
It's up to you to "bring your own sunshine" true and fitting!
It really is like a spiral effect and it all starts with words.  If you can just focus on the positive things throughout the day then it will make your life that much easier:)
True meaning of "Wellness"
Why waste all of your thoughts on negative thoughts? Is it really worth it to spend so much time on negativity?

Just start your day off with one positive thought and you WILL start your day off on the right track:)  Remember YOU can do this and YOUR worth it!!!!
1 Small Thought!

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