Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 11: Support Group

So, here we are on Day 11 of the 31 Days to a Happier and Healthier You!  It's crazy that we're already on Day 11.

One of the key parts of having a successful, weight loss journey is truly the support that you get from friends and family.  If you are with people who understand why you are embarking on a new journey and try to help you with this new chapter in your life then it makes loosing weight that much easier!!!  This is the one thing that I needed an extra little push in my.  Let me explain what I mean....I needed someone to not only give me support, but someone who was my "cheerleader" and workout buddy to get me started.  If I didn't have that then I don't know where I would be right now!  It's the honest truth!  Support from others can either make or break your weight loss efforts.  I understand that you have the ultimate choice and that is true, but when you are having a difficult time with jumping on the bandwagon to begin with and no support there for you; it just makes losing weight that much harder!

Like I said above, I was lucky enough to find a workout buddy and my own "cheerleader" who gave me that extra push to get started.  Once I get going, then it's hard for me to stop, especially when I'm "In the Zone" like I am now!!  No one can stop me now, but before it was different.  When I felt like I was too big to go to the gym because I didn't want anyone looking at me, I felt embarrased:(  Or I used food as a crutch to get me through times when I was sad and it helped me get through times when I was "too busy" to bring my lunch to work.  So, I would just buy some, not so healthy food from McDonald's!

Find a group of people, that will help you with getting started and give you the positivity that you will need throughout this journey.  You could join Weight Watchers or even make your own forum on weight loss websites, or you could even start blogging about it;)  

 Even though this may sound weird, but I'm going to tell you anyways, I sat down with my hubby and explained to him how much this was affecting my life.  I also asked him if he would support me along the way, by not asking me to go out to eat, and to give me encouragement.  I even told my close friends and family, what I was doing.  I asked them to not to ask me to go out to eat and that maybe we could find something else to do instead of going out to eat for dinner ALL of the time.   I wanted to make sure that I had support in just about any way that I could get it.   Some of my friends and family, completely understood while others not so much.  Those that didn't or still don't, are going through the same thing that I was 4 months ago.  They are having a difficult time with confidence and getting on the weight loss bandwagon.  Let your friends and family know what you are trying to accomplish and why you want to do this.  Explain to them that if you turn them down for going out to eat that would be the reason why and that you still want to do other things with them that doesn't involve just food.
I have to give some love to my supporters!
As far as support goes from my loved ones, I have been blessed that they are helping me, encouraging me, supporting me, and being there with me for every step of the way:)  I would like to thank each and everyone of you, including my followers because without ALL of you, it would have made it that much harder for me to be able to continue on this journey!!!
Love You!
 And in light of Halloween coming around the corner....
Thanks Family:)

I hope you all have just as much, if not more support than I do, when starting your new chapter in your life:) 

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!

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  1. I totally agree with you about a support system! I'm on twitter & a group of us found each other who are on Weight Watchers. We discuss our weightloss and struggles and what's for dinner under the hashtag WWladies. Then I have my Mom who's on WW, my Gma who works for them and an incredibly supportive husband! It's so good to feel supported because I can't imagine being on a journey to lose 104lbs w/o help!


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