Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 10: No Excuses!!

No excuses is a difficult one to get over!  I know I had a hard time with this because "I was too busy" or "I will just go out to eat this last time" or "well, I already had a cookie what's 3 pieces of pizza?!?" or " I will just plan on exercising tomorrow" and tomorrow never comes!

You have the choice to stop the excuses and start with focusing on getting in a great workout!The excuses have to stop!  There is no excuse for not being able to exercise and eat healthy.  You have to make it a priority and put yourself first because in order for you to be happy with yourself is to be confident and feel good about yourself!  You are so worth putting yourself first and don't EVER second guess that!!  You deserve it:)

How many of you have ever felt bad the next day after you decided not to get a workout in? Then you beat yourself up and decide to eat your sorrows away because of your choices the day before!  That can stop, if the excuses stop...believe me...I was in the same position and it's a vicious cycle that's hard to stop!  But YOU can do it!  Believe in yourself, nothing is impossible and everything is possible!

You make the choice!  It's all in your hands to change the cycle.

Once you look at it this way, 4% really isn't that much of your day!  It doesn't even have to be every day, at least 3 days a week of cardio exercise or even 2:)  That's much better than nothing at all!
The choice is yours...if I can do this then so can you.

Remember this quote!!!  Today is your day and you've got this:)  Start over fresh with a positive attitude and no excuses!  We can do this thing together!!

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Until next time!!!!

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