Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Here we are again, half way through the week:)  I know I'm looking forward to this weekend!  My mom and grandma are going to come and visit the hubby and I, and I can't wait to spend time with the fam:)  I'm thinking about making some yummy grilled fish tacos.  I've never tried making these, but you have to start somewhere, right?

I'm linking up at the fabulous Little Daisy May blog for What I'm Loving Wednesday:)

What I'm loving today is my book The Host by Stephenie Meyer.  Yes, the author from The Twilight series!!!  This book is quite the read, it definitely is a page turner.  It takes place in the future where beings take over humans minds and live within their bodies and take control of them.  There is this human named Melanie and she is trying to find someone very special to her.  The host that enters her mind and body, eventually wants to find this person also.  Melanie and the host fall in love with this other person and the story takes off from there!

What I'm loving today is Scratch cupcakes! OMG really these are the BEST cupcakes you will ever have:)  I always tell people they could go on Cupcake Wars from TLC and win, hands down!  We went there on Saturday and had to wait about 15-20 minutes to buy our delicious cupcakes and let me tell you, it was well worth it!


Mint cookies n' cream, Chocoholic, Chocolate Chip:)
 Don't they just make your mouth water?

What I'm loving today are all of these dress combinations!  I'm thinking dresses because as we all know, it's warm enough for them:)
Cute right?

What I'm loving today is that next week we will be having our Easter/Spring break which means a 3 day weekend:)  Woot!  Woot!!!

What I'm loving today is that on Sunday I got to enjoy the outdoors.  I made a couple crafts and took the puppy dog out to play!
LOL...I love when she does this:)
Lilacs will soon be blooming!!!
What I'm loving today is American Idol and The Voice!  I have always been a HUGE fan of American Idol, even after Simon left.  This season they have some amazing talent.  This is the first season I watched The Voice and I'm quite surprised by how much I love it:)  The battle rounds can get to be pretty intense!
~The Voice Rocks~

American Idol

What I'm loving today is that I just received my first Birchbox!  You can read more about it from this link Birchbox!

March's Birchbox

What I'm loving today is that soon I will be able to grow a garden in our backyard for the first time:)  I actually get to grow my own produce!!!  The list is super long for all of the veggies and fruits that need to be included in the garden, but I think I will need to cut back and see how it goes.  The list includes: cucumbers, onions, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, green beans, watermelon, raspberries, and strawberries!  These are some inspiration pics I have found and wish I could do...

Little entryway:)

What a neat little pathway and look at all the color!!

What about growing herbs in pots?!?!?!
Fresh herbs

What I'm loving are these places!

Bora Bora
I mean come on, who wouldn't want to go here?
I would love to go to Paris:)

I want to go back to Hawaii, like yesterday!!!  It's soo beautiful, breathtaking, and relaxing:)

What I'm loving today is my wonderful hubby, who is busting his butt to finish our basement bathroom:)

I love him soo much:)
I'm also loving these fabulous quotes that I found on Pinterest!  Man, I love that site.

Love this quote!  It's so true:)

Always Remember This
Always remember you can do just about anything you set your heart to!  Believe in yourself and the things that are possible:)
Be True to You!
The most important is to be yourself and be you!  Life couldn't be any better than just being who you are:)

I've shared many different things that I loved today!  What are you loving today?

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!


  1. those cupcakes look sooo yummy! It's supposed to be super nice in MD today so I'm lovin' that! LOL lots of great stuff to love in this post. xo

    1. The cupcakes are delish! I'm jealous that it's nice in MD because it's a little chillier than what it's been lately.

  2. Those cupcakes look so amazing! I am so jealous of your Birchbox!! I am on the waiting list...!

    1. I hope they have some fun stuff for this coming month!

  3. The cupcakes look so great!!! I want to try one - I love sweets!!! Have a great week!!!

  4. Great list! Those cupcakes look amazing!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I saw you want to make fish tacos soon; I don't know if you noticed, but one of my last pins on my blog today was a GREAT fish taco recipe that I made this weekend! Feel free to check it out. :) It was super easy and FAST.

    1. Megan I will have to check it out because I need a yummy fish recipe:)

  6. You will have to post the recipe/review of the fish tacos!

  7. Hey, stopping by from WILW! I love American Idol and the Voice too. I do like AI better though, not gonna lie. And I love that impossible quote :)

    1. Desi, I agree with you, I love American Idol the best, too! Tonight was A-mazing!

  8. the mini cupcakes are so cute!! great things you've got here today.

    Happy Wednesday :)

  9. After reading the Twilight books when The Host hit the shelves I scooped it up immediately! It was sooo good! I love her work :o)

    1. I'm glad to hear that! I can't wait to see the movie:)

  10. Gotta go get 'The host'... Thanks for letting me know.. Love her work... !!

    1. She is such a great author! This book keeps you on the edge of your seat:)


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