Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Last Minute Design

Happy almost Thursday everybody:)  This week seems to be going by waaayyy too fast!  That just means one step closer to the weekend and seeing some amazing friends:) I can't wait until next Monday and Tuesday we'll be hitting the high 60's...whoop, whoop!!!

I was bored tonight, saw my nails needed a little pick me up, so I repainted them.  This time I used a fairly deep pink with black and sprinkles of sparkles!  I mean who really doesn't just love sparkles and glitter?

Since I just took these pics, I really don't know how they will show up.  I will try to take another pic tomorrow during the day light and post that pic, too!  The design is fairly simple, but I've never tried anything like it before.  My next design just may be zebra print...if I can do it:)

Up Close
It's definitely not nail salon material, I need to do some touch ups...yikes!  From a distance though they look a little better...or so I think;)

I do love the design and it reminds of the designs that they may do at the nail salon.  Like they say practice makes perfect, right?

Oh...I wanted to share some exciting news!  I signed up for Birch Box and they told me that they would send me an email for confirmation within a couples weeks to a month and I just got it today.  I've seen a couple posts from some bloggers about what they recieved from them.

Have any of you ordered Birch Box and what were your thoughts on it?

Well, this girl should definitely get to bed!  I have an early day tomorrow.

Until next time!

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  1. Hey girl! I ordered my first birchbox in Jan. and was unimpressed. Perhaps I should have stuck it out and given them another chance? Maybe you'll inspire me :) love the nails too! Pretty colors! I'm awful at painting my nails.. much easier for me to go for manicures every 2 or 3 weeks. Wish I had a steady hand so I could. Haha

    1. Awww...that kinda makes me sad now:( Hopefully, this month is better! I'll keep ya posted:)

  2. LOVE the nails! I'm about to redo mine :)

    1. Thanks!!! There's so much inspiration on Pinterest. I may just have to try something new from there!

  3. I love your nails! How cool!


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