Monday, March 12, 2012

I've Been Pin-spired:)

Hey lovely ladies!!!  It's been a rough start to the week, mainly because we had to turn our clocks ahead one hour for daylight savings time.  Don't get me wrong, I love having the sun out later in the night, but I don't like feeling like I'm waking up 1 hour earlier in the morning:(  Oh well, I'm sure tomorrow will be better!!!!  Other than having to get used to the time change, my day has been great:)  I sure hope everyone had wonderful day today.

Lately, I have been pinning like crazy, I just can't help myself.  I've been finding inspiration every site I visit!  I thought I would share with you my some of my  favorite ideas that I was so lucky to come across.  Seriously, what would we do without Pinterest any more?!?!  I couldn't imagine life without it.  I know one thing though, I sure would get ALOT more finished if I wasn't on it!

Keep in mind, I'm looking for some decor for our basement, when it's finished of course!  I also love to find me some neat craft inspirtation, and right now I'm looking for gardening ideas.  So here goes it!!!

I found these lovely candle holders from I Love to Craft.  These would be a fun, easy, and fairly inexpensive project.  They would fit in perfectly in our basement:)  Aren't they unique?

 They would look neat on an end table...

This next picture is yet another picture wall inspiration for our basement.  Like I've said before, we have many, many wedding photos and no where to put them right now.  Once the basement is finished, I want to put together a fabulous picture wall like this one from Tatertots and Jello!!!

I will need some pops of teal throughout our living room area in the basement.  I'm planning on finding a unique piece to paint a teal color similar to this table!  Isn't it gorgeous?

I even love the striped wall behind it!

Moving on to clothes and accessories!!!  We can't forget about these:-o  As you can tell, I'm falling head over heals for teal, I mean look at my blog design now!  This dress is super cute and I would love to find for summer!


This would make for a cute going our dress and with a pair of black heels and one amazing black necklace, it would be the perfect outfit:)

For a Spring everyday outfit, look what I found!  I love the pops of yellow:)

The other color that I love to wear this season is coral, just like in the cardigan!!!  I'm digging it!

These nails would work perfectly with the outfit above, don't you think?

Coral = my 2nd favorite love:)  Love the coral paired with the gold!!!!  I'm going to try this very soon and I'll have to post it!

I want to share with you one more spring outfit:)  This is something that I would wear for everyday also:)  I love the material and flow of the top.

I think that I shared quite a bit of Pinspiration for today!!!  I hope you all have a great night:)  Thanks for stopping by The Blooming Daisy!!!

Until next time!!


  1. I'm swooning right now over everything you've posted. I actually posted that teal dress too. I'm in love with it and wish I could find out where it came from! I loooove the new layout too girl!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I'm still in the processing of adding some things to my blog. Hopefully, I'll be finished soon!


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