Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Caution, Work in Progress!

Hey All:)  I am very excited for the way our basement bathroom is looking, so far.  I have my wonderful husband and my father in law to thank for this:)  The hubby has put a lot of hard work into this and I'm just so lucky to have a hubby that is a handy man and can do just about anything he puts his heart to!    It's not finished yet and it will probably be a little while, but I picture it all in my head:)

Not only has the hubby been working away, but we bought a lot of fixtures, and things to complete the look of the bathroom.

Love the richness of the vanity!


You kinda have to use your imagination to put all of these things together.  Now, to show you the improved bathroom.  The drywall is now up and the hubby is mudding the nail holes.

Our new window!
 What you'll see when you walk into the bathroom.
Where the vanity will go:)
 Someone snuck into the picture at the very last second!
Showers in!
Linen closet and our doorway

It still is a work in progress, but it's come a long ways from this!

No Walls, and Holes Everywhere!
The father in law is coming this weekend to help with mudding the rest of the bathroom and then I get to pick out some paint colors:)  Woohoo...finally something that I can help out with!!!  I can't wait:):)  Decorating is the best part!!!  Speaking of decorating after the reno, I found this FABULOUS website where you can put together an inspiration board for different rooms of your house Olioboard !  It is an awesome site where you can put your decor, furniture, and lighting fixtures together for your rooms throughout your house!

Here is something I whipped together rather quickly!

Teal and Purple Inspiration:)
You should all try this program out!  It's fun and totally worth it:)

Until next time!!!


  1. Thanks for the website info!! I've been looking for a site like that where I can design the rooms for our new house. The basement is coming together beautifully. You HAVE to be so excited. I know I would be! I have to get a March House update post together soon!

    1. Laurie it really is an awesome website, but I must warn you though it can be a little addicting and time consuming! I can't wait to read about how your home is coming along:)

  2. Looking great! I am also blessed to have a family of handy men! Have fun picking out paint colors... It is the fun part!

    1. Picking the colors out and decorating is always fun:) I really don't know what I would do without the hubby and him being able to do just about anything and everything.


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