Sunday, March 25, 2012

Egg-cellent Art

Hey All!  I'm pretty excited to share with you what project I was working on this past weekend!  I was having Hobby Lobby with drawls, so I thought I would stop by and see what I could find.  As always, I didn't come out empty handed!  I bought quite a variety of things and didn't end up spending too much money.  I'm proud of myself for that because usually Hobby Lobby = bad news for my pocket book...yikes!!!!

Anyways, I made some good purchases,  my favorite purchase was these Easter eggs.  You might say, but why, they are soo plain!  I beg to differ because you can do many things with them:)  One of those things that you could use the eggs for is this wall art!
~Spring Love~

You might ask, how does this involve eggs?  Well, I will tell you!  First though, I need to tell what I used to make this wonderful creation!!!

What I used to get this wall art finish:
Pink, Teal, and Purple Spray Paint from Hobby Lobby
3 different sized Easter eggs

First of all, when I started this project, I really had absolutely NO clue what I was going to do.  I just wanted to make a neat/Springy wall art:)  All I did was spray paint and spray paint some more.  Good thing I did this outside for ventilation reasons!

What I did first was, spray paint my canvas teal.  Then I left the teal dry for a while and I spray painted on the purple.  As soon as I did I took my medium sized egg and tried to take away the purple spray paint so you could see the teal paint underneath.

Spray paint teal
Please ignore what I used for cardboard!  That's really all that we had laying around!

I spray painted the whole thing pink and did the same thing with the eggs.  Next, I lightly spray painted it purple.  You can see in the picture the purple "highlights".
Used egg edges to make the circles.

After all of the spray painting, I took all 3 different sizes of Easter eggs and spray painted the card board.  I put enough spray paint on the cardboard that there was enough to dip the edge of the eggs into it.  I  did the small eggs first with pink, the bigger eggs with the teal, and then mixed and matched them.
Spray ALOT of paint.

Dip your egg into it!

Apply to canvas.
After adding several different colors.
All Finished!
 It was easy, just took a little while between the waiting for it to dry and placing all of the circles on the canvas!

Hope you can read the font:)
Don't you just love my teal Easter bunny?  He was only $5, I know what a great deal:)  I couldn't believe it!!!  Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the wall art.  It turned out much different than what I was expecting, but in a good way though!

Have you ever done a project before and completely changed the way you were going to put together?

Thanks for stopping by:):)

Until next time!!!!!!
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  1. SO cute! What a great idea! I did something similar but I'm not thrilled about it. Nick helped me with it so I'll post anyway.. don't you just love that Spring is finally here?!

    1. I'm loving that it's here! Right now it doesn't feel like it thought, it's only 50 degrees in Iowa:( BOOO!!!


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