Thursday, October 20, 2011

Truckin' Along!!!

Hobby Lobby
I have to admit, ever since I've started blogging, I've been spending a lot of time either on my blog or crafting more than usual:)  This is such a great destressor(if that's even a word:-/ ) for me!  Since, I'm trying to craft more, you know what that means...HOBBY LOBBY trips and several a week that is!  I must say that I am a Hobby Lobby-a-holic:)  This week I frequented it about 3 times already and it's only Wednesday.  Whenever I stop there, I always go to get a few things, but I end up with the whole store...LOL...but really, it's true!  I could practically live in that store!  Who is with me on that one?

I blogged yesterday that I was going to try the mummy tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous.  If you get a chance you should go check it out!  It is really simple, super cheap, and soo cute!  Well, I officially finished my very first mummy and here it is:  (Drum roll please.....)

I think it turned out pretty well, don't you think? It took a little while to make these there were a couple different steps and I think the longest step was probably cutting out the cheese cloth.  It was really simple though.  I plan on making a couple more to give out at our Halloween party as prizes!  I hope everyone likes them:)

There was one other project that I was slaving over tonight and that was a pleated flower.  I am a HUGE fan of flowers in general, on clothes, in your hair, and on other items, so I thought that I would try to make my very own! That's what I did!  I found a helpful tutorial from
Craftaholics Anonymous that helped me with making this flower. 

Can you guess which flower I made?

If you guessed the smaller one in the middle then you would be right!!!  Winner!  Winner, chicken dinner! :):) Haha!!!
I'm pretty proud that it looks like this.  As I was making this, it looked nothing like  what the tutorial on  Craftaholics Anonymous !  It made me a little frustrated because I'm not a master sewer, that's for sure!  In fact, I haven't really sewed anything other than mending my clothes.  As I kept at it and put the finishing touches to it, I realized that it turned out much better than what I thought that it was going to:)  Never judge a project until you are completely finished with it, that's what I learned from this project! Also, be patient.   In case your wondering, what will I use this flower for which is a great question, and I will be using this for my crafting space.  I plan on putting it somewhere on my desk, as inspiration to always remember to be patient during the crafting process.                    


Isn't it darling?  I think so:) I will definitely be trying to make all different types of flowers and now I just need to figure out what I will do with them and who I can give them to.  I was thinking last night that I will try to make HUGE pleated flowers for my kitchen to put on the wall.  I can't wait to try it out and post it for you.  Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting everyone!  The Midwestern Newlywed:)


  1. Lov ur blog....very cute ideas, you will have to teach me ; ) Does maid of honor role also include the title of wedding I would be lost without u!

  2. OH...I thought I already was....jking! I would LOVE to help you with this:) It would be great fun.


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