Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh....the Places the I've Been!

Traveling has always been a one of my many loves in life!  If only we had more moola to go on many different adventures:)  I've traveled to several places throughout the United States such as: Wyoming, Las Vegas, Philedelphia, New York City, Atlantic City, Florida, South Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Tenneese, Virgina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinios, Washington D.C., the Bahamas, and several other places that I know that I'm forgetting.  Soon I will be traveling to Hawaii for our honeymoon....YAY!!!!  I can't wait :) :)  My plans are to visit all 50 states, Mexico, Europe, and Australia before I get to old to travel which I know that I have a long time until that day comes, but why not start early right? 

One of the reasons I find traveling so much fun is because, depending on where you go, you can see the  different ways of living and cultures.  For instance, I fell in love with Chicago because of the sense of community that the city has.  I was surprised that for such a huge city, the people are friendly and very helpful!  When we went on our mini-moon, of course I had to document everything we did and everything we saw, so i guess you could call me the picture queen, but the locals were always asking us if we wanted them to take our pictures.

 Just arrived in Chi town and living it up!!     On a boat tour around the Navy Pier!

Here we are at the most DELICIOUS popcorn business ever!
 LoVe the Melting Pot!  Would highly recommend it for romantic dinner out on the town;)

Then if you take Las Vegas, for example, this city is glitz, glam, and craziness!!  The thing about Vegas is that you can do so many different types of things.  I'm not much of a gambler and I still enjoy going to Vegas, in fact I think I only spent about $20 during my 5 visits.  Another reason why Vegas is so near and dear to my heart is because that's where my husband purposed to me, right by the Bellagio fountains!!!  How sweet right?!?!?  Even though I love Vegas, I can take about a week of Vegas and it always seems like when you come back from Vegas you need a vacation!
 Here I am with my first yard drink of the trip!  Yum, yum:)

If you ever get a chance to go there then hit up Margaritaville!  They have the BEST margarita's and they are definitely worth the money:)

 That's me right before he purposed.  It brings back such great memories!
 This is a great friend of mine, we just have a blast when we are together.  I love her to pieces!

One of my favorite places would have to be Wyoming and visiting Yellowstone.  There's just something about the roaming animals, majestic mountains, beautiful thermal pools, and never ending geysers.  It's so calm, quite, and serine out in the wilderness.  I would love to go back there in the near future.

I just wish I could travel for my job.  It would be great if I could show on the Travel Channel or something like the Samantha Brown show!  Getting paid to travel, how could you pass that up, right?  I know one thing is for sure and it is that my travels have only begun and I can't wait to see where in the world I will end up next:)  Until next time, tata!!!

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