Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life As We Know IT...

Why does life have to be soo complicated?  Why can't life be simple, easy, and great all the time?  I know some people say you have to have the bad times to realize the good ones.  Why do terrible things happen to deserving people?  Why is it when life is going great there is a HUGE road block lurking around the corner?  How can people look you in the face and tell you something that's a complete lie?  How can people live a lie for six years and be sorry even after being given a second chance?  Are they really sorry or sorry for being caught in their lies? Are their lies so big and complicated that they lie to themselves to make it feel better and make themselves look better?  Can they even trust themselves?  Can people change for themselves or do they change for others just so they can get what they want?

This weekend has been a VERY trying weekend, as you can tell, and I just wish I knew the answer to all of these questions.  Wouldn't it be simplier if you were given a book that was about how to live the best life.  Be given step by step instruction on how to make it happen?  The truth is life isn't as we know it and life isn't cut and dry, straight and simple.... and it never will be!  Are we all alone in this world and can only rely on oursevles?  It seems the older we get the more things go wrong and astray. Why is that?  Shouldn't it be the older we get then the happier we become?

Well, here is to hoping for a much better and restful week ahead!

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