Sunday, October 30, 2011

~I Heart Halloween~

Alright, lately I have been posting tons on Halloween crafts, inspiration, or what I was planning for our Halloween party!  Last night was our party and even though I was feeling a little under the weather:(, the party went over extremely well!!!!  I had planned quite of few games to play throughout the night, I didn't know how everyone would like them, at first they were kinda leery of them, but as the night went on they had a blast with what was planned.  In my It's All Fun and Games post, I explained 3 games that would be played throughout the night, and I have to say the favorite for everyone would have been the scavenger hunt!!!  I had listed some pretty crazy things that each group had to take picture of and I was surprised by what they did and checked off their list!  These had to be my favorite check offs of the night:

Number 6 on the list was to ride a broom down an isle.  This just made me burst out laughing!  I LOVE it!!!

Number 10 was to take a picture with a police officer.  I truly thought they wouldn't be able to pull this off, but I didn't have enough faith in them.....
This wasn't a real police officer, as you can probably tell, but it was someone dressed up as one and this so counts in my book:)

Number 12 was to get all the different types of beers that were offered at a local bar:
Number 14 on the list was to take a pic of the group with a blow up decoration:
This one I just love because it's just so fun:)

Here is a pic of the winners and their prizes:
Part of the prize that you can see is the shot glass bead necklaces that I DIYed.  It was a really easy, quick, and cheap DIY.  I bought the beads from the Dollar Tree and the bead necklaces from Party City.  So, I made 6 necklaces for $5.00.  The other part of their prizes were from my other Spooky, but Cute Favors . Everybody thought the candy was neat and they loved the shot pens!   They're all acting like whatever they dressed up us....LOL!!!!  Don't you just love them?

The next game was the winking murderer game.  This one was my fav because 1. I was there to see it go down and 2. when people "died" they really acted it out!  Even my husband did a great job and he's not into this stuff too much:)  Here were some of the pics that I had captured, keep in mind it was very hard to take pictures of this happening because you didn't know when it was going to happen next!
She by far did the best "death" of the night.  She had to pretend to be electrocuted and she sure did an AWESOME job:)  I laughed so hard until I almost peed myself.  Yes, you can see even my big puppy dog, Lucy, joined in on the fun!!!  She was a banana split:)  She's such a good puppy dog!!!

So, if you were debating whether or not to try any of the games that I had in my previous post, my advice would be to definitely try the murderer winking game and the scavenger hunt.  Those were the 2 that everyone enjoyed the most and had fun playing them:)

I always say, that if I wasn't a teacher, I would be some type of planner (party, wedding).  It's soo much fun getting everything ready and put together.  These were some of the pics that I took of our house after it being all decorated!  Tell me what you think:
 Both of these creepy pics are of my living room:)  My favorite part and least favorite part of Halloween decorations (in my opinion, a must) is cobwebs!!!!  It can completely transform your room!!  My living room cobwebs turned out the best throughout my entire house don't you think?
My sis helped me decorate the cemetery, she is just the best:)

Here are a few pics of our buffet:
You can faintly see my cupcakes that I had made for everyone!  There are 2 different kinds: graveyard and brain...yum, yum!!!  The tutorial will be soon to come on my blog, so keep your eyes posted:)

 Close ups:
OH....I almost forgot to tell you what I was for Halloween!!!!  Well, drum roll please.............

This is my husband and I, I dressed up as a demented rag doll and my husbands outfit was LAST minute!  He was suppose to be a redneck....LOL. Such a cute couple, right?

My advice to pull off a successful Halloween bash would be to:
1.  Plan, plan, and plan so more
2.  Start to decorate well in advance
3.  Decorate with lots of cobwebs, and lights
4.  Find some interactive, fun, and crazy games for everyone to play
5.  Provide fun food, music, and drink for everyone
6.  Don't be afraid to ask for help if needed!!!
7.  If you are thinking of having a Halloween bash next year then get to the stores asap right after Halloween! You can find some major bargains.  That's how I bought most of my decor.
8.  Give some type of Halloween favors for everyone to enjoy:)
9.  Most of all have FUN and get a little ~CrAzY~ (it's okay every now and then;p)

Between, the company, good food, games, and beverages, it was an amazing time with great memories that will be remembered for years to come!!!!   This is why I Heart Halloween and why I always will:)  The only thing that I don't like is that it goes by too fast!!!!  Isn't that what always happens though; whenever your having fun, the time just flies by?

Since Halloween is over, yes I will be planning and thinking of things for next years party!  Call me crazy, but that's me, a Halloween junkie at heart:)  I'm sad to see it go by, but now onto the Christmas party planning, decorating, and crafting....bring it on because I am sooo ready:):):)

How did you spend your Halloween weekend?  Hope everyone had a wonderful and fun-filled Halloween weekend!!  Tootles for now!!!!


  1. you should totally be a party planner!! you did such an awesome job with the decor and games!!


  2. Thanks:) I'm pretty proud of how the decorations turned out!!! Now, I need to wait until the day after Halloween to find some bargains for next year!

  3. How fun ... I love the scavenger hunt! We did that for my son's 13th birthday and it was hilarious.

  4. From what I heard and the pictures I saw it looked like a blast! I think you can never go wrong with one of those:)


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