Monday, October 31, 2011

Tombstone Cupcakes

Happy Halloween:) I hope everyone is having a happy Monday and a great start to the week!  Last night when I wrote my post called I Heart Halloween, I promised that I would write a tutorial for my creepy, but yummy tombstone cupcakes:)  Well, fellow bloggers, here it is!  The cupcakes were pretty easy and just about anyone could make these fun looking cupcakes.

What you need is:
Chocolate cake batter
Cupcake bakers rack
Cupcake liners
Milano Pepperidge Farm Cookies
Some type of squeeze gel
Chocolate frosting
1.  Whip your chocolate cake batter together.
2.  Bake your cupcakes.

 3.  While your cupcakes are baking, crunch your Butterfingers in a plastic bag using a glass cup or anything glass would work:)

4. Let your cupcakes cool.

5. Grab out your Milano Pepperidge Farm Cookies and use your squeeze gel to write RIP or whatever you want!

6. Frost your cupcakes as long as they are cool.

7. Take a butter knife and more towards the back of the cupcake make one slit as big as the cookies.

8. Carefully push your cookies into the slit.

9. Sprinkle your Butterfinger crumbs on top.  Make sure you put a plate under your cupcake so you don't get the crumbs everywhere and you can also reuse them too:)

Tadaa, your cupcakes are finished and ready to enjoy!  You could even find some little skeleton bones to place on top of the cupcakes to make it look like someone is coming back from the dead!
What did you make for Halloween that was extra fun and yummy?
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  1. so cute!!! Would love for you to come over and share this at my Tasty Tuesday Party going on now!

  2. Thanks Emily:) I just added my link to your party.


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