Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween....

So, tonight I felt like I should start to decorate our house and get it ready for our party.  It usually takes me about a week or so to get the house completely decorated, but I like to start the decorating a little sooner than that.  Plus, I'm just excited for Halloween and how the decor will turn out!  I LOVE Halloween and decorating for it is my fav:)  So here is what I did so far, it's not really whole lot, but like I said it's a start!

This one has to be my favorite picture!  Don't you like the DIY photo frame in the background?  This picture is a close up of the one below this.  I purchased the skeleton head for only $0.88 and the skeleton candle holder for $1.00, great deal, right?!?!  I think so!!!! Most of my Halloween decorations, I have bought on sale after Halloween.  So, if your looking for Halloween decorations, wait until after Halloween to make your purchases.  It is soo much cheaper. Oh, and also check out your local Dollar Tree!  They are some pretty neat things that you can use for crafts or just to sprinkle of Halloween to your decor

The purple spider placemats are the perfect touch to put on my end table and with the skeleton candle holder it really pops!

The picture below is in my kitchen obviously.  I really like the skeleton hanging from the chandler.

The picture on the far left is an arrangement that I made!  I think it brings the drama in the living room.  The skeleton candle holders work with it really well.  Now, all I need are some candles and we're good to go!

Halloween will always be my favorite holiday!  Does anyone have a favorite holiday that they enjoy the most or like to decorate for?  What do you think of my decorations so far, any suggestions?  Happy Haunting:)  From the Midwestern Newlywed!


  1. All the decorations are so cute! We typically go scary for Halloween but I stuck with a theme I could easily transition into Thanksgiving! I love Halloween! One of my favorite holidays :-)

  2. Thanks Laurie:) I agree Halloween is the best holiday just because you can decorate and pretty much anything goes! The only thing that I don't like about the decor that I put up every year is that it gets so cluttered, but I guess that's just how it goes.


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