Friday, October 28, 2011

Organization is Key!

Hey fellow bloggers! This past weekend, I was working on organizing odds and ends things throughout the house! I have been saying I will organize them, but just never get around to doing it. I have a pretty limited space in my kitchen, so I need to keep things organized to make use of the space that I have! Over the years, I have been printing off recipes for supper, drinks, and holiday parties. Since I'm in such a hurry, I just throw all of the recipes in a folder in no rhyme or reason. Then when I come back and look for it, it always takes me an extra 5 minutes to find my recipe! My solution was easy and quick to fix, buy a binder, paper puncher, and use my tabby dividers to section off each categories of recipes! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

 My old folder with all of the recipes!  I know, I know doesn't look pretty...but I promise it is more organized now!

 Now it looks much better! Plus, you can't beat the neat looking binder!  I will be able to easily find my recipe.  What small things have you organized that makes your life that much easier?  Hope you have a Happy Halloween!!!!

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