Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter is Just Around the Corner!

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend! I think I could use another day, but I guess this coming weekend will be extra long:)  So, I can get my extra day then!!!

Last weekend,  I was working on an Easter project.   I made this to go with my Easter Egg Wall Art:)

This was easy and quick!  The thing that took the most time was spray painting and waiting for the Easter eggs to dry.

Supplies for painting eggs

Take apart and grab spray paint

Light Purple

I had 3 different colors of spray paint as you can see in the first picture. Then I also had sparkly spray paint that was silver.  After I sprayed painted all of the eggs the 3 different colors, I used the silver sparkly spray paint.  I let the eggs dry and then I grabbed my other supplies to complete my Easter Egg display.

I put the pink grass in the container and placed my Easter eggs on top!  Then I took small little letters and strung yarn through them to hang at the top.

Tiny Easter Letters

Easter Display

~So Cute~
This project was easy peasy!!!  This vase that I put the eggs in is from our candy buffet at our wedding!  I'm glad that I'm able to use it still around the house.  My plan is to use this for every holiday I decorate for:)

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!!

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  1. looks sooo cute! I love the color grass you used in the glass. I love Easter and the bright colors!

  2. Love it! I saw a cute project where you use glue dots and glitter on white wooden eggs... But I couldn't find the wooden eggs. Now I will just have to spray paint... Back to Ace I go!


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