Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Here Wednesday is creeping up on us!  This has to be one of my favorite posts of the week WWIW!!! Sharing with all of you what I'm loving for today and linking up with Little Daisy May blog for WWIW!  You should go and check it out, it's lots of fun:)

I'm loving is the countrish vibe of this lovely outfit!
and night on the town look....


I'm loving how well the our bathroom is coming along!  We have it painted and the tile is going down..Click on this link to see what else has been updated:)

New Paint and Shower Curtain

Light Fixtures
I'm loving my pinwheels that I just made, not too long ago:)

I'm loving that we got our camper out of storage!  Let the camping begin:)
Our Little Happiness in the Summer
I'm loving that we planted our new Robinson Crabapple tree!!!!  Can't wait until next Spring to see the beautiful flowers:)

A lil flowers left
I'm loving this finger nail polish...maybe I should try this sometime soon:)
Loving the leopard print and the pink!
I'm loving these teal shoes.  Look at the design on the back so unique:)
I'm loving that we borrowed the tiller from the hubby's parents this past weekend!  That means I can soon start on my garden...woohoo!!!  Super duper excited about that:)
Not my garden, but wish it was:)
I'm loving all of the different recipes on Pinterest for cupcakes!  Why wait in line for 15 minutes when you can make your own and personalize them to your liking!?!?!  I want to try to make a batch of cupcakes this weekend, but which ones to make is the questions!

Or this kind...
Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes!
I love raspberries!
Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes!
Yes, please!!!

Or how about caramel apple cupcakes?!?!
Caramel Apple Cupcakes:)
Well, here's to hoping everyone has a Fantastic Wednesday:)

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!


  1. love those adorable pinwheels!
    great polish!! i'm not sure i could pull it off! LOL

    1. The polish is a little crazy, but fun that's for sure! I don't know how I could actually paint that, but I'd like to try:)

  2. Happy to be your 72nd follower via WILW! YAY for your camper coming out of storage. That has memory-making written all over it! And I LOVE any time a home project starts to come to completion! Looking forward to clicking around on your blog now!

    By the looks of your blog and the kind, inspiring writing we've seen, we think you'd like See Beautiful too!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

    1. I'm so happy to you following my blog! I will definitely have to head over to yours and check it out:) Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Oooo fun outfits! And a camper would be so much fun. I've learned to just be quiet and do whatever my husband says when we're setting up a tent, because he becomes a super grump and likes it done his way, otherwise, it starts a big fight. Lol. And those cupcakes look so yummy! I love baking.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too :)

    1. I love the colors of the outfits:) I let the hubby do all of the setting up for the camper and just let him ask me what he wants me to do. It just works out better that way!

  4. That camper looks like so much fun!
    And I love the shower curtain!
    :) Happy Wednesday to you!

    1. Having a camper and being able to just relax during the weekends is super fun! I didn't know for sure how I would like my shower curtain with that color of teal, but I think it turned out better than I expected! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Those Caramel cupcakes look ahmayzing! SERIOUSLY!!!

    1. They do don't they!?! I need to add making cupcakes to my list this weekend:) We'll see how far I get with that...

  6. I saw your post about your bathroom makeover, and I meant to comment on how pretty the wall color is and totally forgot! Love it! :)

    1. Thanks! We didn't know for sure about it when we first painted, but I definitely love it:)


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