Sunday, April 29, 2012

Calling All Cinnamon Toast Crunch Lovers!!!

Today was a VERY productive day at our house!  We picked out the grout for our bathroom, did a lil laundry, dusted, picked up the living, bedroom and bathroom, AND knocked out those lovely dishes!  I have been over all a pretty busy girl today and this weekend:)

I told all of you yesterday that I had a family party to go to yesterday and that I made some S'mores Cupcakes.  I also made some Cinnamon Toast Crunch cupcakes also!  If you love the cereal and a cinnamony cupcake then you would be delighted with these!

This is where I found the recipe for these lovely and delicious cupcakes!  You should check out this website, especially if your looking for some different and extremely tasty cupcakes:):)  I didn't change much with this recipe, so if you would like it stroll on over to her site!!!

Here's some pics of my cupcakes and the process:)

Packs Alot of Flavor!
As always Lucy was helping me out, but she did have an urgent question!
Can I have one?!?!
 She didn't get one, but she was the vacuum from all of the scraps that accidentally went on the floor!    She had her full for the day:)
Cupcakes before frosted.
Oooey, Gooey Goodness!
Yes, this frosting is finger licking good:)  Oh, I almost forgot, for the cream cheese and sour cream I used light for both of those ingredients!  That was the only change that I made to these cupcakes.

I found the frosting to be pretty ooey and gooey as you can tell from above.  I had to add some more powder sugar to it.  That helped give the frosting a little more consistency, but not much.  I will have to play around with this recipe for the frosting and see how I could get it thicker like my peppermint or S'mores icing.

Yumminess X's 2!!!
Lots and lots of delicious cupcakes for all!!! 

Thanks for stopping by:):)

Until next time!!!!!
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  1. Replies
    1. Then these would be perfect for you:)

  2. Whaat?! That sounds delish! Ok Mindy you know I am a healthy eater and your food posts tempt me way too much! haha Awesome that you accomplished a lot in one day. I love days that I get a lot done like that! Wished it was more often.

    1. I know I was pretty happy with all of the things we accomplished! I need to have at least 3 or 4 days like that a week.

  3. YUMMO!!! I definitely need to make these! My kids LOVE this cereal and so do I!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

    1. Yes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best isn't it?

  4. perfect for the next Boy Scout camp out much better than the powdered doughnuts they always force down. Some times they make a thing called OOU-ber toast. it is french toast but instead of syrup the lay the french toast in crushed up Cap'n Crunch cereal it make s a crispy crunchy coating on the french toast and no messy syrup needed

    My Hubby is a scout-master for the local troop so we learn all these things... LOL

    - KAT -

    1. Kat, that sounds like a delicious way to make french toast!

  5. Hey girl! My husband would L-O-V-E these! Also, I added a mini-tutorial to my leopard print manicure: all I did was paint every nail a neutral color. Next, I used a toothpick to put blots of black on my ring finger (gotta love those leopard spots that are not symetrical or perfect!). Then I used the other side of the toothpick to take out the centers of a couple of black blots- just to give it more texture/appearance of an actual leopard spot! Have a great week!

    1. I tried to do the leopard mani and it didn't come out the way yours did:( I did the print on every other finger and I think one finger kind of sort of looked like leopard print otherwise they looked like cow print...LOL! Maybe, practice makes perfect...I'll have to try it again!


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