Thursday, April 12, 2012

Growing into Something Special!

This week has seriously just flew by!  I don't know where it went...   It seems like I never have enough time to do everything that I would like to do at night after work!  I'm behind on blogging and things at school, oh well.  I'm sure I'll eventually get caught up.

Once the hubby came home tonight, he helped me (scratch that) planted our Robinson Crabapple tree:):):)  I don't know why I'm super duper excited about this!  Maybe it's because of the beautiful flowers that we'll have during the Spring time!    I call it our Easter tree because we bought shortly after Easter.

It will be neat being able to see our tree grow throughout the years that we are at our house.  I think, it will  symbolize the growth our family. We got married July of last year, and hopefully(soon), crossing our fingers and toes, we will be trying for a baby!

Anywho, I wanted to share with you some pics of what it will look like in probably 20 years or so...LOL!

~Our Future Tree~
 Our tree, as of today:)
It has a LONG way to go!

It's a tiny little guy....

Very little flowers
 Pink is my Favorite color!!  It reminds me of the Aerosmith song that I used to listen to when I was younger....
Luc Dawg, our little helper:)
Yes, we even had Lucy outside helping us with planting the tree.  Well, not really helping, but she was getting to play ball, one of her fav things to do outside!

Another thing that I'm excited about is that we are bringing home our camper this weekend!!!!  We bought it last August, so we used it only a couple of times, but not this year!  We will be camping a whole LOT this year....can't wait.  I will need to post some pics of our lovely little camper when we get it!  This girl is a true camper, right here.  Well, not a "true camper", nothing like tent camping and digging a hole to use the bathroom, but I do love me some camping:)

Here's to wishing everyone a happy and fantabulous weekend;)

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!!!


  1. Cute tree! I have had family plant trees for various events and it is amazing to see them grow over the years!

    1. I think it will be fun to see it grow:)

  2. lovely idea about the tree and growing with your family. It looks very healthy and happy to be there at your place and be YOUR love tree. We love camping too but we only do the tent or cabin thing. sure would be nice to have a camper. look forward to a peek at yours.

    - KAT -

    1. I will posting pics of our camper soon! You should check back:)

  3. I'd be very excited of the prospect of having that tree in my front yard!

    hope you had a great weekend :)

    {I have a giveaway going on right now. Love for you to enter!}

    1. I hope you had a great weekend too! I will have to check out your giveaway thanks:)


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