Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hey Y'all!  It seems like it's been FOREVER since I posted anything...sorry:-/  I've been surprisingly pretty busy during the Easter break that I had off and didn't find much time to blog!  So, I'm back!!!  First of all, I hope that all you had a wonderful Easter vaca:)  I sure did!  It was busy, busy, busy, but great fun with family and friends with a touch of spring cleaning!!!

I'm linking up to the fabulous site of Little Daisy May blog for What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!  This week I have many things that I'm loving as usual:)
I'm loving my new nails that I just did last night!  I love the blue and fuschia together:)  Aren't they pretty!

I'm loving these outfits that I put together on Polyvore!
This first one is a wear at work!  Red and black is a classic color really can't go wrong with that.

 Then the blue and green is a perfect match!  I love the green shirt and the black biker coat:)
 Pink and coral are just so pretty!  My favorites from this outfit has to the shoes and the ring:)
I'm also loving that we're half way through this week!  I didn't have to work on Monday.  So, two down and only  two to go....YAY:):):)

I'm loving the chocolate covered chips that I made a couple of weeks ago for my family!!!  Don't they look soo tasty and believe me they were:)

I'm loving this idea for anniversary picture!  I know ours isn't until July, but I've been wanting to do something special for our 1 year anni.  Why not start a tradition?
Isn't this such a fun and cute idea?  I think so:):):)

I'm also loving this eye makeup!  It is really pretty simple, but with the pop of purple it is dramatic!
Serene Serendipity
I'm loving and wanting a flowering cranapple tree like the ones I saw before I went to my favorite cupcake shop Scratch!  Aren't they gorgeous?

Getting ready for Scratch

We are planning on finding a spot for one these lovely trees in our front yard!!  I can't wait until next Spring to see the blossoms:)

I'm loving our flowers that are blooming!!!  I'm kinda bummed though because it has been in the 50's lately.  I guess, I shouldn't really complain, but I was used to 70's and 80's!
So pretty!!!

I'm loving cute pictures of pets!
Love those eyes!

Awww...Pug Slippers!!!


Fluffy Hair

What are you loving today?

Until next time!!!!!!


  1. Stopping by from WILW! Love all the cute pet pictures. And your nails look great!

  2. very cool looking I love sparkles !

    Happy Springtime
    - KAT -

  3. those outfits are all amazing and I love the plum color you choose for your nails. Crazy how over our breaks we didn't really get that much of a break at all isn't it? at least that's how it was for me! Enjoy the rest of the week girlie! xo

    1. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week too!

  4. Love the nails! New York & Co. has a bunch of red and black out right now that I'm in love with :)

    1. We don't have a New York & Co. close. I wish we did, maybe I will just need to go on a shopping trip:)

  5. Loving that nail polish! I saw your pink nails too. I must find that color! Great outfit pic. Your making me want to do more shopping!

    1. The nail polish is from Nicole nail polish! I think that has to be one of my fav brands of nail polish. It always seems to hold up pretty well and doesn't chip the next day:)

  6. Love your blog! Thank you so much for coming over to my blog. I am now your newest follower. ;0

    1. Hi Kyetra! Thanks for following, I love new followers:)

  7. Super cute nails...and you can never go wrong with red and black...timeless and classic!

    1. I agree Shanna, red and black are classic:)


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