Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 Super Shots!

Hey everybody!  I hope your all having a fantastic day:)  I just found out yesterday that Mindy from My Life As  tagged me in a post of hers.  The orginal post came from the Family and Life in Las Vegas.  Now, I'm suppose to choose 7 super travel pictures based on some criteria  and share them with you all!  This post took me a while because I had ALOT of pictures to leaf through!  So, I hope you enjoy!!!  Well, here are the 7 that I choose:

The first one that I had to find a photo that...takes my breath away!
Maui has some crystal-clear, breathtaking beaches and this was one of them:)  It had to be my favorite beach because it was kind of in an inlet of coral reef.  So, the coral reef broke up the waves quite a bit!

2nd ....a photo that makes me think....hmmm....
By the Hoover Dam
This pic makes me think "How the (excuse my language) hell did they get the towers on the cliff at that angle.  What you can't see in this picture is that it's hundreds of feet drop.  It was just crazy to me how they did something like this!  Pure craziness is what I say!

3rd - a photo that makes me dream!!
Fountain in Galena
Something about this fountain just makes you think like you are traveling abroad in Europe, even though it is in IL!  It has such a history and I just wonder what that history entailed...

4th - a photo that makes me laugh or smile:)  I have a tie for this one!  Both of these I wouldn't say are my best pictures that I have taken, but they are the best funny ones that I  snapped!
Las Vegas, baby!
This lovely snapshot was taken in Vegas of 2010 when Eric and I got engaged.  One of my bestest friends in the world and her boyfriend met up with us in Vegas.  This is her boyfriend Ben!  We were walking by a store and decided to look around and I told him he should put on the hat because that hat rocks.  So, he did and this is the memory we have from it:)

Alright, you may be asking why is this one funny?!!?  This was taken on our honeymoon in Maui and we were in this quaint, adorable, and little town called Lahanai.  We were strolling down the pebbled sidewalks taking in all of the beautiful sites of the clear ocean, rolling mountains, and the diverse people.  When all of a sudden, we hear this extremely loud 80's music, Vanilla Ice or something.  We look at each other and try to find out who is blaring this awful, old school music!  As we look around, we see this guy on the bicycle at a traffic light riding his bike! He is playing it so cool and think he looks like the bomb digity on his bicycle!  Yes, the one you are looking at right now!!!   Once he pedals his bike past us, we see the boom box  and a 40 oz bottle of some nasty beer in his basket!  The best part was he pedaled over a bump, the music skipped, and he looked back at his basket and went on his merry way pedaling.  It really was HILARIOUS!  It may be one of those times when you just have to be there.

5th - a photo that makes my mouth water
A-mazng brick oven pizza!!!

I have ALOT of pictures from our honeymoon in Maui in this post because: 1. There were so many spectacular sites, how could I not include them? 2.  The hubby and I just purchased my Sony camera that I have now and it takes crystal clear pictures, compared to my ancient Cannon one.

Anywho, I snapped this picture of this unforgettable brick oven pizza!  They baked the pizza in a brick oven, but outside!  This was amazing to us since we live in Iowa and this would never work!!!

6th - a photo that tells a story
Vegas 2009
 I took this picture downtown Vegas, while waiting for the overhead light show!  This guy was using spray paint to make wall art.  I must say, he did an incredible job for just using spray paint:)  The paintings were unlike anything I have seen before.  The crowd loved it!

 7th - a photo that I am most proud of

Galena, IL
Picture a quaint, tiny, and older town situated in between two huge hills and you will have Galena!  Yep, that's my sis striking a pose for me...LOL! I love how sun is peaking through the trees and the different colors the leaves are paired with the pop of red in my sis's shirt:)  I think this picture is one of the best ones that I have taken so far!  Yes, this is with my new camera.

I do have one more to share with you though!  It has so many different colors and I captured a water feature:)
Vegas 2012
I think, the reason why this one looks striking is because of the layout of flowers inside of the Bellagio.  Don't you think?

There you have it, everyone!  My top 7 9 photos that I've taken throughout my years of digitial picture taking:)  Now, it's time for me to tag and see if these lovely ladies will take part in the fun:)

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For anyone else who I didn't list, feel free to join in it's lots of fun:)  Hope you all have a terrific Thursday!!!  Come back tomorrow to check out Fashion Friday:):)

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

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  1. Awe, thanks for the love, sweet lady!! This is super fun. Just might jump on board next week. I need to go through some pictures! Loving yours, hoping to travel to Maui one of these days!!

  2. Awww.. I love all your pictures! Hawaii is gorgeous! Ill have to do a post on this soon! Thanks so much for tagging me!!

  3. Love these, and thanks so much for tagging me! How fun!

    If I can remember to pull out my external hard drive (with all of my pictures), I'll definitely try and do this soon! :)

    (And that pizza looks divine...)

  4. Great shots!! I just did this too thanks for the idea!! It was fun to do.

  5. Oh you got some great pics! One day I will go to Hawaii!! So pretty. Course I gotta love the Bellagio pic as Vegas is my home :) I always love checking out their gardens at the different seasons. What a fun tag. I'll have to try it if I can ever get around to going through my 50 billion pictures! haha

  6. I was amazed by the 2nd picture - the leaning tower of Hoover Dam. I cannot imagine how they have positioned those, and finally erected them straight into that site. Geniuses! Visiting from UBP.

  7. I hope all of you have great fun with this post! I loved it:)


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