Saturday, November 5, 2011

Too Many Choices!

 I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend:) I know I am! I have been one busy girl that's for sure! I have been getting our room ready to paint and bought some sample size paint colors. If you want to see my other post that has my new comforter and the before picture then check out my older post: Change is Great!  I'm having a hard time with choosing just the right color for my accent wall. These are the colors that I have chosen for the accent wall:

 As you can tell there are several purplish colors.  The silver color in the right hand corner is what is going on my other three walls.  I know for sure the dark purple is out because if I want to do some type of stencil on the accent wall then it will be hard to find a paint color that will show up on the dark purple.  So, it's narrowed down to the other 4 purples.  What purple is your favorite?  Any suggestions are great:)

Well, this is kind of a short post, but I figure it's getting late and time to get some much needed sleep:)  Have a great weekend !

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