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Who all loves to plan for parties? I practically live for planning parties. I think I like it so much because it gives me something to do and I'm always trying to make it a night that everyone will remember about how much fun they had!

I know this isn't the best picture, but it's all that I have of a group of people!  Just wanted to share:)

 Every year, I put on a Christmas party and usually it's an ugly Sweater Party!  On The Inspired Collection, she was blogging about the Ugly Sweater Party and the invites that she was going to use for her party.  That reminded me that I needed to get a move on with planning for our Ugly Sweater party!  Last year, I didn't get to have one because of the weather, so this year it is a must !!!!  Yes, and our puppy, Lucy took part in the ugly sweater party, too:)  Doesn't she look soo happy????

When I have our party, usually everyone will bring a dish to pass and then a white elephant gift.  Here are some of the gifts that were given two years ago:
A Giant Ape

A Christmas tree tie

A tube of caulk...LOL
As you can see, there was ALOT of goofy gifts, but that's just how we roll!  We like to keep everyone on their toes!

This year, I would really like to do the white elephant gift exchange again, but maybe ask everyone to bring something a little racy!?!?!  I was thinking to switch it up a bit?  I still haven't set my mind on that one yet or not.

I've been looking for some fun Christmas games to play.  As I was looking, I came across a couple that I thought might be worth thinking about and here they are:

1. "Photo Booth" - to take pictures of our ugly sweaters.  The best part about this is that I already have props because this is what I did at my wedding!!!

2.  Ugly Christmas Fashion Show - Give everyone a 3 x 5 card to write down a description of their outfit and then play some Xmas music as they walk down the runway...

3. Wrap Superstars - Put them in groups and hand them 3 boxes the first group to finish first with wrapping and putting ribbon on them wins.

4. Relay with Kisses - Set out a bowl of Hershey's Kisses and put everyone on teams of 4 or so.  Then give them oven mittens. They have to go get a kiss and unwrap it and give it to the next person in line and then that person does the same.  The first team to finish first wins!
5.  Reindeer Antlers - Put everyone in teams of 5 people.  Give them one set of panty hose and balloons.  They need to blow up the balloons and stuff them in the panty hose.  Then have one person from their group wear the antlers and sing the 1st verse of "Jingle Bells" and the first group to finish wins!

I found all of these games from www.celebrations.com.

I have to say my favorite would be a "photo booth", but it's really not a game.  I don't know which ones to choose.  I want a game that just about everyone would have fun playing!

Could any of you please help me out with this?  If you could choose the top 2 which ones would you choose?  Do you have any other suggestions for certain games to play?

Thanks for your suggestions and comments:):):)

For the 24 Days of Giving Thanks, today I am thankful for the food I am able to put on the table!  I know there are several people each day who go to bed starving.  I also know of several students who the only meal they may have is at school!  So, I am very thankful for something as simple as a daily necessity.

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