Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Just a Dream.....

Hey Fellow Bloggers:)  This week has just flew by hasn't it?  I mean it seems like it was just Monday, but it's almost Friday.  TGIF, right????

I have to tell you that I have been super impatient and counting the days down until our honeymoon is here!  We married in July and decided to wait for our honeymoon until a couple months after our wedding, so that way we would have something to look forward to.  I'm glad that we did too because that gives me something extra to plan and if you don't know yet, I absolutely LoVe planning for just about anything!

This is what have to look forward to:
Found Pic at this Link
Just sitting on the beach sipping a beverage of our choice and looking at a view just like this one:)  Can you take a guess where we might be honeymooning?

You guessed it, we are honeymooning in Maui and I have just about a month until I get to dig my toes into the sand and feel the warm sun kissing my skin:)

I had the itinerary all set about three months ago, practically as soon as we booked our honeymoon!  What can I say, I was just too excited!!!

I wanted to share with you some of the activities that we(mainly I) planned for the week:
1. Sunrise at Haleakala National Park
Best Hawaiian Activities

This sunrise is suppose to be the best on the island:) Only thing is that it may take us about 2.5 hours just to get there.  The reason being is that the island has very limited roads and the roads they do have, can get pretty congested...yikes!  So, this morning we will be waking up super early at 3 a.m.  I think though it will be SO worth it:)

2.  Luau
All I have to say is how could we go to Hawaii without seeing a Luau?

3.  Snorkeling through Trilogy
I have read many different corporations and famous celebrities, such as Oprah,  recommend this sailing excursion.  Trilogy brings you to Molokini Crater.  They say it's suppose to be one of the best snorkeling around the island:)
Isn't it beautiful?

4.  Road to Hana
Shades of Pink Magazine
The road to Hana is miles upon miles of curving and winding road that will lead you to breathtaking views such as the one above!  On this road, you will be able to peek at some of the most sought after views throughout the United States.  You will see tons of waterfalls, wildlife, overlooks, and many more gorgeous nature views!  This has to be one of my favorite activities that we will do on our honeymoon.  The best part about this is you can take as long as you want or as little as you want at each overlook or sight!  It also helps to have a convertible too....YAY:):):)

5. Whale Watching
Hawaii the Big Island
We will be just making it for whale season and I can't wait!  I sure hope we can come across one of them.  It truly would be quite the sight to see one of these gigantic mammals:)

6.  We will be also venturing onto some hiking trails and shops throughout the island and then just lounging, relaxing, and enjoying our honeymoon and being a  newlywed couple:)

If you are ever planning a trip to Maui or any of the other island then you should really look into buying these books!  This is how I found out about all of the neat little places to go to and explore:

I know a little excessive, but like I said, I LoVe to plan!!!!  If you are looking for any website that would be helpful to planning your next trip to Hawaii go check out GoHawaii.  This website tells you about all of the different islands and lists TONS of restaurants, resorts, and activities.

Oh...and one more bit of advice, if you are planning a longer trip, I would highly recommend a travel agent!  I think it also depends on the time of year you go, too.  If you travel during the winter and there is a snow storm and you don't have a travel agent, you have to worry about taking care of everything versus if you book with a travel agent you don't have to worry about it!  They will take care of rebooking your trip:)  We thought for our honeymoon, since we were going to Maui, and since we're going during the winter months, that we better book it through a travel agent just to be safe!

Have any of you been to Hawaii or the island of Maui?  If so then what activities would you recommend or any advice that you might have for our trip? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated:)

It is now the 3rd day for giving thanks, for the 24 Days of Giving Thanks, and I am extremely thankful for our honeymoon.  I guess I should also be thanking the guests who attended our wedding, so we could even make this dream possible.

It still feels like I am dreaming that we are going to Hawaii!  Every now and then, I think I just need to pinch myself to make sure it is actually true that we are going!  It is just starting to hit me that WE are going to HAWAII:):):)  This girl has one more thing crossed off her bucket list and she is loving it:)

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