Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dare to DIY Blog Party: Thanksgiving Project!

 A week ago or so, I joined Kim's at Newlywoodwards: Dare to DIY Blog Party.  Today is our very first challenge and we were suppose to make some type of Thanksgiving decor.  I chose to make a Thanksgiving center piece for our kitchen table.  I've been wanting to make something using chalk board paint and that's what I did!  I spray painted my old wine bottles and added some flair to them!!!!

Click here for tutorial!!!
I couldn't wait to post this, so I blogged about it on Friday!  Click on the picture to see the tutorial to make chalkboard wine glasses:)  I've been writing on my chalk board painted wine bottles what I am thankful for every day because there are soo many things to be thankful for that sometimes I may take for granted!

I hope you enjoy checking out the Thanksgiving decor!  You all should stop by the Newlywoodwards to see what other inspirations you can find!  I'm sure there will be tons of neat and inspirational ideas:):)


  1. Very cute! Chalkboard paint is so fun and versatile. It's also a bit addicting.

    I really appreciate you linking up to Dare to DIY. I really enjoyed seeing what you came up with!

  2. they look great! :) nice job!

  3. Kim, yes chalkboard paint can be very addicting! Once I saw your chalkboard that you added to your kitchen, I knew I had to do something with it:) Soon, I will be adding a chalkboard to our kitchen. Thanks everyone :)

  4. Cute centerpiece! Thanks for sharing =)
    Visiting from NewlyWoodwards...

  5. Love your Chalkboard bottles- I'm pretty sure they look even better than the ones I saw on Pinterest. Way to go you! Thanks for sharing your fun project!

  6. Thanks Brandy and Kelly! It was a fun project!

  7. I'm visiting from the Dare to DIY blog party. What a great idea to re-purpose old wine bottles!

  8. I just knew there would be another purpose for my wine bottles that I have at my house! Thanks for stopping by Mrs. Miller:)


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