Thursday, November 17, 2011

~Love for fabric~

Woot! Woot! The weekend is (almost) finally here:):) I believe a little Christmas decorating is in store for me and maybe, just maybe, some DIY, too:)  Yes, please!!!

Ever since I started sewing, which really wasn't too long ago, I have collected SOO many different kinds of fabrics!  Right now, I'm going on 1 full mini-box of it:-O  What am I going to do with all of this fabric?!?!  I'm sure I will figure it out, nothing to worry about too much.

Just about every time I go into town, I buy a yard of different fabric because I think, "OH, I could make this," or , "This would look great with __."  Not only am I addicted to Pinterest now, I'm also a fabric-a-holic, too!

Since none of my shows were on tonight, I decided to try another new project.  I made some napkins that could be used for our Fall table decor or our Christmas table decor.  These babies took me about 3 hours to complete a set of 4.

You might say 3 HOURS for these guys??? What?!?!  Well, I'm pretty new to anything sewing and as you can tell these napkins aren't the best as far as the seams go, but I'm still pretty proud of them!  I tried something new and overall, it turned out pretty well:)

Then after I finished with making these, I grabbed my Rustic Snowflakes that I made yesterday, and placed one on the napkin.  I think the snowflake and the napkin kind of have the same theme going on, so it doesn't look too shabby.  I have quite a bit of this fabric left over, so I'm just going to use the fabric to cover a canvas and place one of my snowflakes on the canvas.  I might even be adventerous and try something new, by sewing in Merry Christmas:)
Don't you think it goes together well?

I knew that I would find another purpose for my snowflakes!!!  Here's another pic.

I think I like the addition of buttons too!
It's funny how you can find inspiration in the weirdest places or strangest times.

This is just a really quick run down of how I made my simple napkins.  This seemed to work for me, but I'm sure there are others ways that would work also:

Materials needed:
1/4 yard of fabric
Cutting board
Straight Pins

Step 1:  Cut out a piece of fabric that is 13x13, I wanted a little under 11x 11 napkin and I allowed 2" for the hem.
 Step 2:  Fold your fabric over about 1/2" on all sides of the fabric and iron it out.
I was getting ready to iron

After being folded and ironed.
Step 3:  Fold it one more time and iron again.
Fold again

After folding and ironing, it should look something like this.

Step 4:  Unfold and cut out the rectangle that is the corner where both sides of the are folded.  It's hard to explain, if you look in the picture then you can see where I cut it!  This is just so there isn't quite as much bulk when you go to hem it.
Cut out the corner, as shown above.
Step 5: Pin the edges down closer to the outer edge to get it ready for sewing.  You want your hem about 1/4" away from the edges.
Step 6:  Begin sewing your hem, and I just sewed until I reached the end of the fabric.
Step 7:  Then I just cut the thread, picked up the foot and began sewing the hem for the next side.  This is what worked best for me.
Step 8:  Look at your finished product and SMILE and celebrate:):):)

Sorry the discoloration in the picture, I was experimenting with my camera and it started doing this...YIKES!!!!  I need to find some tips on how to use my camera more effectively:)  Well,  I hope my tutorial helped you out!

Today for the 24 Days of Giving Thanks,  I am thankful for my awesome followers and other fellow bloggers that stop by leave lovely comments:)  They are all so great!  Since I am new to this, I have to admit that every time I see someone new join, I do a little happy dance:)  So, thank you to all of my followers and other lovely bloggers!!!  You guys are all wonderful:):)

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  1. Love this idea! and I am soooo ready for the Holidays!!!coming by from Chasing Rainbow come by and say hi!

  2. Thanks Brookie Cookie! The holidays can't come soon enough:)


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