Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

Another lazy weekend past and gone! Only a week and a half until a 5 day weekend...WOOHOO:):)  Can't wait until Thanksgiving.

This weekend we whipped out the good ol' "Christmas Vacation".  Yes, we were about due for this movie!  It's getting closer to Christmas and we were in the mood for it!  I was in the Christmas spirit all weekend and decided to make my own ornaments to add to our tree.  All of my ornaments that I have aren't really personalized to us, they're mainly the generic ones that you might buy from the department stores.

  I have seen many Christmas ornaments and found lots of inspiration on Pinterest.  You have to love Pinterest, right?  I  think that I am addicted to it...eeekkk!  I found out today, that even if you have everything you need to make a project and you have good intentions, sometimes the project doesn't turn out how you envisioned it to!  So, I tried making 3 different ornaments and here they are!  Guess which one didn't turn out as good as what I thought it would....
Wedding Program Ornament

Number 2 didn't turn out how I expected to turn out:-0  I don't think I took as much time on it as I should have!  It has quite a few gaps and doesn't look to vintage.  Oh....well, I guess, you'll have that sometimes!  

My favorite ornament was the program ornament:)  One because it looks pretty and two because of the value behind it!  I had found some inspiration for this ornament on this website From Glitter to Gum Drops.  Since we got married over the summer, I have quite a few programs left over and I wanted to make good use out of them.  So, I put it in an ornament!  These are the steps that I used to make my program ornament:

1.  I cut up one of my programs in long, skinny strips.  I didn't really measure them, I just guessed on the size of strips and cut.  

2. I took a couple strips at a time and wrapped them around my finger. Then grabbed onto the end of a strip, took it off my finger, and twisted it tighter, to make it more curly.

3.  Put the strips into the ornament and filled the ornament with the strips
4. Found some "2011" , for the year that we were married, gold lettering and put it on the outside of the ornament. 
 5.  Added a ribbon and ta-daa!!!  It's finished:):)  

We will really cherish this ornament!

The "Jingle" ornament is kinda cute with the little bells on the inside of the ornament.  Advice:  If you have a glass ornament then don't shake the bells while they are in the ornament because the ornament will break!!!!  Yes, I did make that mistake.  I was so happy with my ornament and I wanted to hear the little bells ring, so I shook it.  Well, that was the WRONG thing to do!  You live and you learn!

I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas and enjoying the snowy sights!  I absolutely LoVe the first snow fall and I can't wait till that comes:):):)
Today for the 24 Days of Giving Thanks, I am thankful for a stable job in which I heart!  There are many unemployed people, right now, who are having a difficult time trying to find a job.  I'm grateful that I have a full time position and am able to look forward to work everyday!  Not too many people can say the same.

Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

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  1. These are so cool. My fave is the jingle one!! What a great idea!!

  2. Thanks Aggieam01:) That one is pretty fun, easy, and inexpensive!

  3. I love the program idea! So cute!

  4. Libby those have to be my favorite probably because it is sentimental to me!


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