Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Plan to Tackle My 5K

Happy Tuesday...well almost Wednesday:):)  You know what that means....we're almost halfway through the week!!!  Woohooo!!!!  Once the weekend hits then it's time for this girl to go camping!!  We are having a couple friends, so that means that we will be able to catch up on some things.

I don't know why, but today I was thinking....dammmn...I only have a little over a month to train for my 5K.  I better get my butt into gear!  Planning is my middle name, so I decided to make a running plan for each week until October 6th for The Color Run!

This is what I was thinking of doing by:
Sept 2nd - 1.25 miles
Sept 9th - 1.50 miles
Sept 16th - 2 miles
Sept 23rd - 2.5 miles
Sept 30th - 3 miles
Oct. 6th - 3.2 miles

I started running about 2 weeks ago and I think that I'm ready for this.  Plus, it helps that I have been weight training since June:):):):)  The only thing I'm a little worried about is that I'm heavier than what I was before when I first started running.  I don't want to pull a muscle or hurt myself....maybe I'll just have to really listen to my body and if it's hurting then just back off a little on the running!  You guys have been a great support for me and by writing this, it will make me feel more accountable for following through with this schedule!  Thank you guys for being my cheerleaders along the way:):)

Wanted to share with you all some random pics that I have been taking this past week:

Luc dog and I:):):)
This was this past Friday when we were on our way to go camping!!!  Lucy loves to go camping!
Delicious snack for the night!
I know I posted this before about fruit smoothies, but these are soo yum!  This is what I eat instead of ice cream that just packs on the calories.  This smoothie has to be one of my favorites AND it definitely helps me out with chocolate cravings!
Frozen Chocolate Banana:)
What can I say!  I have been CRAVING chocolate lately:)  I wasn't sure if I would like a frozen banana, the chocolate part I knew I would love!  It's almost like eating chocolate ice cream.  You should really try one if you see one at the grocery store!  I hope you have a good rest of your night!!!!

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!

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  1. Great running plan. You can do it! Make sure to always warm up than stretch after your training. Also It will actually help prevent injuries if cross train. So keep up the weight training and also switch up your cardio doing the distance with the bike and the eliptical too. Its good to give your shins and knees a bit of a break and hopefully you will stay injury free! :) Oh and that frozen banana looks sooo good! Its been a long time since I have had one of those.


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