Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Everything Ombre

Since I just read a post about ombre nails (which you should definitely go check out!) on a great blog, Fit, Crafty, Stylish, and Happy, it got me thinking about how I have so many different things that are ombre pinned on my Pinterest board.  Maybe some of you would like them also:)


Lamp Shade!
 Aren't you just loving how the lamp shade just pops out at you!
 I heart all of the red in her hair.  It makes her hair look really soft.

Wouldn't this be fun?!?!
 I love this wall, but maybe it's just because I LOVE pink!
Loving this light brown to blonde:)
Isn't this lovely, light, and so fun?!?!?
Fun Party Decor
 All of the different colors that make this ombre is really unique!
Nail Design

So Pretty!

Ombre tutu!
 This tutu would be fun for The Color Run, don't you think?  It may be just a little too long though:(
Ombre Craft:)

Versace Dress
 I don't know how practical this dress would be, BUT it's soo pretty with the mix of colors!
Ombre Cupcakes
 These remind me of something from off of Alice and Wonderland!  They are so whimsical:)
One word, YUM!!!!

Yummy in my tummy!!!!

There you have it everything, or just about everything ombre:):):)  Hope you all enjoy your Wednesday!!!!

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!!!!


  1. Ombre is pretty awesome:) I'm not sure I love the way it looks on hair though. I think I would look ridiculous LOL

  2. Oh my goodness Mindy you are so sweet! Ok I too seriously love anything ombre. My SIL who does hair was trying to convince me to do my hair Ombre but by the time I got around to re highlighting my hair after almost a year, I already had that look going on so I didn't want to have to pay for a look I already had! haha Great inspirations. Now you are inspiring me to want to do something else in Ombre!


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