Monday, August 20, 2012

Devil's Lake!

Hey everybody!  I hope you are enjoying this fabulous day:)   I haven't had much time to share with you some pictures from our camping trip to Baraboo, Wisconsin Devil's Lake.  So here it is:
We went hiking!
We took some pictures:)
There were several overlooks along the trail!

Brother and hubby:)

Love this picture!  Look at the view and the clouds!
Looks like an elephant doesn't it?!?!

Views all around!
Brother and his financee!

"Devil's Doorway"
The hubby and I walked out to the doorway and it was pretty neat!
We were both a little scared because if we stepped about 2 feet in any direction there was  a cliff that went straight down for about 100 feet...yikes!!!!

We went mini-golfing in the Dells!

Went for drinks by the Dells strip.

Hubby and I:)

Went to a delicious candy store!
These were all of the pics that I have, but not only did we do all of this, we also went kayaking and had many nights of staying up late around the campfire and just having fun:)  The hubby and I are going to be camping here real soon again!  I can't wait:) 

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!!!!!!!

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