Thursday, July 5, 2012

Over the Holiday Week!!!

Hi All!!!  I'm back from our vaca in St. Louis:)  I can say that we had a blast, but we're just glad to be back home!!  We had quite a few ideas planned for this vacation, but since it's been extremely hot out, and even more so in St. Louie, we didn't get to do as much as we wanted:(  Alot of things we planned were outside and it was around 100-103 degrees everyday.

We did however get to check out quite a few things that St. Louis has to offer like:

Tour of Annehueser Busch
 This was my hubby's favorite thing that we did on the trip!!!  He loves to Bud-Light and has always wanted to go on a tour, to see how it all works.  We did the "Beer Masters" tour!  It's kinda silly because I HATE beer, sorry, I just do!  I went on this tour for the hubby!  Even taking that into account, I still received a "Beer Master's" certificate....I thought that was kind of comical!
Inside Tour!
We also did this.....

Union Station
Union Station is ( I'm assuming) a train station made into a little shopping area with a food court.  We heard about this from our neighbors:)  whom we actually saw in St. Louis the first day we arrived!!!  It really is a small world!
At the Zoo!
We went to check out the zoo and made it a little quicker visit than we expected because it was so hot outside.  We were getting hot and most of the animals tried to keep in low key because they were hot!  I don't blame them!
Hubby and I at the zoo
Fav animals:)

Our hotel was super close to the arch, so we went to check it out also:)
At the arch:)
I really like this pic of the flags...perfect shot!
Trying to not only capture the American flag, but also the Cardinals flag!
The cardinals flag is on the end and I wanted to show my Cardinals support....just couldn't click the camera at the perfect moment!

Can anyone guess what this is and what we did?

Hmmm.....puzzling I know....
This is actually the 4' doorway you crawl into that takes you up the arch to look out at the top!  It's a very tight ride and quite the experience!!!

You can see views like this!
Even though the way you get transported to the top is tiny, the views are the opposite!!  You can see for miles and miles:):)

It wouldn't be right if you went to St. Louis without going to a Cardinals game, am I right?!?!
Cards game:)
 It was extremely hot in the stadium, even though we had a night game because there was NO breeze at all and about 100 degrees!!!  I hate to be a party pooper, but I would have left earlier if the hubs didn't want to stay later!

Cardinals playing ball!!!
On our last full day there, we planned on going to  a winery that was within 1 1/2 away from St. Louie, but we couldn't because this was going on right in our hotels backyard!  Our parking garage was closed off until 1ish:(  I didn't get to go the winery, but we did get to see a little of this....
4th of July Parade:)
and this....
4th of July painting on the road!!!
The airshow!!!
We watched only part of this because we went SHOPPING!!!  Usually the hubs doesn't go shopping with me because I take FOREVER and he's a quick shopper.  He felt a little sad for me since we didn't get to go to the we went shopping:):):)  Isn't that soo sweet!!!!! No pictures of this, but I did find some cute items, which I will share in a later post:):)

Later on that night we sat at the park next to our hotel, brought drinks of our choice and relaxed while waiting for the fireworks.....
This was strung above the park where we watched the fireworks.  I had to share this pic with you because it so beautiful and represents what 4th of July is all about!!!!
Hubs at the park!
Look at all of these peeps!!!!

So many peeps!

St. Louis was soo accommodating, in the fact, that they had food vendors, places to cool off like this bus that has it's A/C kicked on high....
A/C bus
They even had "blow up" A/C temporary buildings where you could go in and cool down for a little while.  I couldn't believe it.  They said on the news channels that it's considered to be a fair, which I can see.  The only thing they were missing were rides.

Once the moon came out this is what the arch looked like...

This truly was the best fireworks display that I have seen before!!  Yes, I live in a small town Iowa, but this girl has been to Philly's fireworks display and these were better!!!!

This was the perfect way to end our 1 year anniversary trip!!!!

I'm sorry for all of the pictures, St. Louis, is a beautiful and fun place to visit, I wanted to show all of you what it has to offer:):)  P.S.  I have some more pics I want to share with you in another post!

Thanks for stopping by;):)

Until next time!!!!!


  1. I'm sorry the weather wasn't that great. It looks like you had a good time regardless though! I don't like beer either, I'll drink it if I have to but only if I have to! It gives me headaches LOL still neat to see how they make it and stuff though. SO glad you and the hubby had a great one year anniversary trip! xo

    1. Laurie, it was really neat to see the whole process! The hubby even got to drink 5 hour beer from one of the tanks and he thought that was the best.

  2. Wow! Those fireworks look spectacular! So glad you had a wonderful anniversary trip: one of our "goals" is to visit all of the baseball stadiums in the country... we've only been to two, but it's still something we would like to do! Looks like you had a great trip!

    1. That's funny that you say that Chrissy because that's what the hubs and I were talking about on our trip! It would be pretty amazing to be able to say that you've gone to every single stadium:)


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