Saturday, July 7, 2012

"In Heaven There is No Beer!!...."

As you all know the hubby and I's 1 year anniversary is coming up here on July 9th.  I wanted to get him something that I know that he would love and never forget!  He's a HUGE fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes:)  So, what a better present than hawkeye tickets!!!  I wanted to build a little suspense before I just handed over his tickets, so I bought him Hawkeye related things that would work for the game.
Hawkeye Musts
I wrapped each present individually and gave him in order.  I threw the Hawkeye tooth brush in there just for laughs and try and trick him.
Goodies all wrapped up!
 I know, I know, the tulip and red gift bag don't really go with the yellow and black Hawkeye color scheme, but in my defense hubby bought me my anni gifts early, so I had to give him his:)  I couldn't wait!  I did however have wrapping paper that would work!
Smaller gifts!
First, he got the presents that weren't closely related to seeing a football game or could be used for something else, such as the tooth brush, bottle opener key chain, and coasters for car.
Kinda blurry....but it's great to see his big smile:)
Too excited...coaster set for truck!
"Gangsta Hat"
I will admit this hat definitely doesn't work out too well, especially for Eric!  He called it a "Gangsta Hat".  Some people can pull these off, but my hubby can't and he was the first one to say that!  Yes, Lucy was trying to sneak in and help him open his presents:)  Needless, to say the hat will be going back to where it came from! I just really liked the design and color. I thought it would make a statement!  I guess, just too much of a statement!!!

Hawkey face paints...
This really isn't for the hubs, but for me!  I thought by adding this to the mix of presents he would know we were going to the Hawks football game!  That didn't work out the way I thought it would....
"Go Hawks" hand!
This should have been a dead ringer as to what we were going to do, but he still didn't know or so he says!
Lucy thought it was a play toy!!!
The Grand Finale!
These aren't the "real" tickets, obviously.  I wanted him to choose where he would like to sit within the stadium.  So, I thought I would let him pick because I would have done a terrible job or at least not picked the seats that he wanted!!  We are going to go see the Hawks vs. UNI, my university that I graduated from:)

He loved his gifts and can't wait to go to the Hawks game:)  Can't wait to hear the Iowa fight song " In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here!  Drink it here!"   It will be an excellent time!!!  Go Hawks!!!!

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  1. How cute to give a themed gift! Happy anniversary!

    1. Thanks:) I wanted to make a little different and special since it's our 1 yr anniversary:)

  2. Clever, clever idea! Super cute!! Happy anni!!

  3. Haha that is awesome! I can't believe he didn't get all the hints! Happy anniversary! Sounds like you have a fun one planned.

    1. I know a lot of the gifts were a pretty dead giveaway, but I guess not to him!

  4. Awww~ love this idea! I would do the same for my husband buuuut he knows tickets would more or less be for me. I was thinking about perhaps taking a parasail trip at our beach.. something fun for both of us! I still wanna get him a gift of some kind though. Just NO idea what yet!

    1. That would be TONS of fun to go parasailing! I wish that we lived that close to the beach to do something like that for our anni:) Good luck on picking out his gift!


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