Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday! I feel semi-productive today, I already went to the gym and signed up for my next graduate class:)

This past week, I made bought a packaged frozen smoothie from the store, Target, to try! I have to say it was super easy to make and it was quite delicious:) I've been wanting to make some type of smoothies whether it be protein shakes or fruit and yogurt, just something healthy and filled with lots of nutrients.
Berry Smoothie:)

I wasn't for sure how this would taste since all of the fruit and yogurt were frozen, but it surprised me by tasting all yumminess!  This is what I bought in order to make it.

It called for the Jamba smoothie ingredients and a box of apple juice.  Then all you do is pour each of them into the blender and push the button and tadaaa!  It's all ready to go and enjoy!
Mix it up!
I loved this so much, that I think tonight I may go to Target and buy another one of these OR I could possibly make one myself!  I guess we'll see:)  So, if you are looking for something that is healthy, sweet, and tasty then go out and grab one of these.  I promise you won't be disappointed:)

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  1. We've bought those before: yummmm!

    1. Yes, they are great aren't they! Plus, they're soo easy to make:)


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