Monday, July 16, 2012

Pinterest Keeping Me on Track!

I have been continuing on with my weight loss, and as of Friday I was down 14 lbs:):)  I have to say this journey has been hard, but not as hard as I'd thought it would be!  Yes, I kick some butt in the gym and seriously sweat at Zumba and yes I have been counting calories, but once you get into a routine or you do something continually then it becomes easier!   That's where I am right now, it's becoming easier for me to stick with everything and say no to a rootbeer float or french fries!  I still have yet a LONG ways to go another 46 lbs to go, but I'm going to stick with this and going to get to my goal:)

All this time, I have been going onto the lovely Pinterest!  I don't know where I'd be without this tool!!  I find many quotes, healthy tips, and exercises all at the click of a mouse!  It's easy and convenient:)  I wanted to share some of the quotes that I look at every now and then to keep me going and keep thinking of the end result:
I need to keep this in mind at ALL times!  Always compare myself to yesterday or the week, or month before!
 This is the mind set I'm still trying to work on because this is what I need to do!  Make this my lifestyle:)  Maintaining is the hardest part and this will help me by thinking and doing things this way!
SO true!  In the end, it is soo worth it and then some!  I can't wait until I reach my goal:)
When I was at my heaviest, I would dread coming into the store and finding out what size I was then, usually I would go up in size.  Then I would beat myself up for that by eating more food!  It was a terrible cycle.  So, today when I tried on a pair of pants, these were my pants that I popped my button when I was at my heaviest, I found out they actually FIT me and were a little on the bigger side:P  I did a little happy dance!!!  I will be looking forward to going down in sizes and being able to rock skinny jeans when I get to my goal weight!
There will be absolutely NO EXCUSES!!!  I can do this and NOTHING will stop me, no matter what!!!  This quote is one that I repeat to myself on a daily basis.  It helps me with keep on keeping on:)

Do any of you turn to Pinterest for an extra push for your weight loss?

Since I lost over 10 lbs, I made up an incentive that the hubby gets to take me out on a date of my choice.  So, sometime soon this month, we are going to Galena.  You can get a glimpse of what Galena is all about in my post that I posted earlier, here.

Oh and I wanted to get your opinion on something!  Whenever I loose weight, I like to start other things over fresh and welcome change.  I was thinking about getting my hair colored and cut.  The cut will stay the same, but I found this hair color on Pinterest and thought this would be something really different than what I normally do!  I want to know what you ladies think of it:)  Do you like the color or not?  Comments are welcome and will help me with making my decision!
Loving the cut and the angle in the back! 
 This would be the cut!
Loving the color of this one!
Any suggestions????

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!!!


  1. I love Pinterest! It inspires everyone I think in some way. :) I love the hair cuts too. Was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a guest post on my blog next week because I'll be on vacation. No big if you aren't interested. :) xo

    1. I would be, but I'm sorry that I'm just now getting around to commenting:( It's probably too late! If you still want me to, I will:)


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