Friday, July 6, 2012

St. Louis Part 2

Hey everyone!!!  Like I said yesterday, I wanted to share lots of pics with you because St. Louis is such a beautiful and fun city.  In this post, I wanted to share with you what I did in order to eat semi-healthy while vacationing.  If it was a perfect world then I wouldn't have gained 1 lb, but the truth is that I did.  I know why, but doing what I did definitely helped me keep off even more weight!

Alright, Rule number 1 (for me) was to eat a salad or something really light for lunch.  So here is one  pic of my salad:):)  I swear I ate more than one salad, I just didn't take anymore pics! 

Hard Rock Cafe Salad

This salad was A-mazing!!!!  It had grilled chicken, dried cranberries, walnuts, oranges, onions, and red peppers.  Love!!

You might say well...what happens if you eat salads ALL day long and you don't want to see another salad for a while!  Well, then I would suggest a meal such as this one: yumminess!!!!!
 The plate above was from TGIF and it is salmon with glazed on Kung Pao sauce and topped with onions, tomatoes, basil, and pineapple!!!!  Seriously, ALMOST my favorite dish and this was under 650:):)  I know even for a regular meal it may be a little high on the calories, but I figure it's fish with fresh toppings.  Since I didn't want to eat all of those calories, I didn't eat my whole fish and never touched my coleslaw!
Skinny 'Rita
Yes, indulged on this skinny rita for lunch on the 4th of July!  It is the 4th after all!!!  It was yummo:):)  The flavoring was a blackberry skinny rita!!!

Rule Number 2:  To exercise at least everyday!  Well, certain days we walked the city more, so I didn't go to the gym and exercise.  The days where we were more "lax"  then I went into the gym and worked out for about 1 hour.  I tried to get in a little cardio and a lil' weights:)
Work it out!!!

Rule Number 3:  Bring snacks and drinks with you, so you will eat healthier in between meals and not be tempted to eat or drink anything that is unneeded!!!
Pack some almonds

Fiber One Brownies
Fruits of your choice!
Rule Number 4:  Don't drink pop or other drinks that are high in calories.  Keep in mind, for me, this excluded alcoholic beverages.  I wanted to have some drinks, yes, because we are celebrating!  So,  I tried to cut calories in other places, this way I could have my drinks:)  I didn't drink any regular pop and limited myself to very little diet pop.  I tried to stick to water, water, and more water, especially since it was SOO hot out!!!!
Drink Water!!!!
Rule Number 5:  Even though, I tried to keep my calories lower from breakfast to lunch, I didn't eat terribly for supper.  Most nights, I tried to eat grilled chicken or fish again with veggies or rice.  This way I could still get some of my nutrition in for the day!  I did however allow myself a "really bad meal" when we went to "The Hill" at Mama Campsies!  This was delish and I'm not a huge fan of pasta!!!  I loved the pasta and the wine at this restaurant:):)
My pasta and hubby's pizza
 My pasta was very tasty:P  I don't usually go with white sauce, but so glad that I did!!  I tried to eat only half of my meal, to try and save calories that way!
Mama Campsies
 I have to admit, it was hard for me to order a salad, when the hubby was eating a big, and juicy burger!!!  I do know that I felt much better after I was finished with eating and didn't have a stomach ache and know that, that was another healthy decision, I made.

Even though, I tried to stick by these rules, I still put on some weight.  I put on about 2.8 lbs from Sunday thru Thursday!  So, I will be adding to my rules as I go along with this weight loss journey.  Overall, I think I made many good choices and did well especially since I just started with this weight loss journey!

I was looking thru our St. Louis pictures and looking at this pic of me at the zoo.  I realized that I wore this top and had my picture taken back in May.  I wanted to compare the photos to see what 1 10+ weight loss difference it would make and this is what it looks like.


At the end of May
I know that in the picture I'm standing differently and all, but I can definitely tell a difference in my stomach!  I wish I would have taken measurements, but I didn't:(  I have a long ways to go yet, but look at the progress!

 Here's to healthy choices, killing those exercises, and getting back on track this week!  My goal by the end of July is to loose another 10 lbs.  That will put me down to 20 lb weight loss:):) Wish me luck because I will need it!!!

Thanks for stopping by:):)

Until next time!!!!


  1. Seems like you are making great progress girl! I looove all the foodie pix. Maybe because I love food! HAHA! Have a great weekend :)

    1. I'm terrible at that! I usually always take pics of my food, especially on vacation. The hubby is always like "Here we go again!"...LOL. This way I can share it on my blog.

  2. You can totally tell! I think you did awesome while you were on Vacation! I don't know anyone who can give 100% to dieting when you are on a trip and its ok. You have to have a little balance and enjoy life and food you don't always get to eat sometimes! You will take the lb right off and then some! Keep up the great work girl!

    1. Thanks Cassidy:) I'm hoping to start to see the scale to where it was before I left! I know I will get there eventually!!! Your right about not being able to give dieting 100% when your on vacation...there's a lot of things that are out of your control!


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