Sunday, February 12, 2012

SSHHH!!! Top Secret

Valentine's Day is just a knockin' on the door and I'm still working on the hubby's gift, but I'm getting VERY close to finishing it:)  It's hard to work on it without him knowing about it!  I've just been staying up pretty late every night to work on it little by little.  I hope he enjoys it, especially for how much time was spent in putting it altogether:)

Well, I explained in an earlier post what I was possibly planning on putting together for him, but I didn't quite have my mind made up at that point.  I have planned an exciting night of surprises:)  What guy wouldn't like that?   I took bits and pieces of different ideas from another blog The Dating Divas to make his Vday gift and our Vday date:)

These are the different things I have planned for the night:
1. Candy-o-gram
2. Bubble bath for the hubby
3. Fondue supper (Knock-off of Melting Pot)
4.  "Love Hunt"
5. Gift basket full of love
6. Just "Us" time

The first thing I made for my hunny was a candy-o-gram.  I found the idea from The Dating Divas.  I bought a poster from Walmart for 30 cents and the candy to go along with it.  The candy was the hardest to find!  I ended up going to 5 different stores and I still can't find a Nutrageous candy bar, yet:(

Materials I used for my candy-o-gram

Found this heart print out online and it worked for several different sizes of hearts:)

I then used my heart cut out templates and traced it onto my scrapbook paper.  I wanted to add some color to the poster, so that's why I decided to add the hearts:)  Plus, it's not the same without hearts for Vday:)
I used several different sizes to layer the hearts.
I first wrote my letter with pencil, just in case a mistake was made and then I  went over it with marker.  I added my candy bars to the letter with masking tape.  Then I glued my hearts to the poster.

I was still missing a couple candies...

Close up!


 The candy-o-gram will be waiting for him as soon as he walks into the door.  I want it to be a surprise what I'm making for supper, so I will have a bubble bath, soothing music, and some reading materials for him to read while I'm making fondue for supper!

Well, that's all for now:)  I will tell you about the rest of his gift and what I all did tomorrow:)  I hope you enjoyed the post!  Good luck with your Valentine's Day gifts:)

Until next time!


  1. how FUN! isn't it fun having a valentine ?!
    we are planning on a lot of kids no phone..just us!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. It is great to have a valentine! Thanks for stopping by and joining my site:)


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