Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is it Spring Yet?

I don't know about all of you, but I'm so antsy for Spring to just pop up:)  I think it makes it worse when it's in the 40's in February, usually NEVER happens in Iowa!  The bummer of it all is that we may be hit by a possibly huge snow storm.  The weather prediction is any where from 1" to 8", they really don't know what part of Iowa it will be hitting.  Maybe it will stay in Northern Iowa, I would certainly be happy with that!

Since I'm in Spring mode, I have a another flower tutorial to share with you:)

Love the colors:)
I got my inspiration from this flower from Pinterest and I figured out a pretty easy way to put it together!

Me Being Crafty

In order to make the flower, you will need:
- Sheets of colored felt of your choice
- Needle and thread
- Scissors
- Button
- Petal Template From Whipup
- Permenant Marker

Step 1: Print out your petal template from Whipup and cut it out. Use your template to trace the petals on your felt sheet.  Cut the petals out.  You will have two different sizes of petals to use.

I choose to use 2 different colors, but you can choose only 1 if you want.
 I used 12 of the bigger petals and 6 of the smaller ones just like it says on the paper petal templates.

Step 2:  Fold the petal in half and pinch it at the bottom of the petal on the flat edged side.  Do just like shown in the picture below.

Pinch Petal and get ready to sew:)
Step 3:  Grab your needle and thread and stitch the bottom of the petal.

Stitch Away!!!!

Some finished petals:)
Step 4:  After you have all of your petals stitched at the bottoms then you will fold the petals in half and stack on top of each other while holding on to them with your fingers.  It's much easier to hold all 12 petals if you pinch the petals in half at the rounded side.  Make sure the petals are all facing the same way!

Much easier to hold at the top of the petals
 Take your needle and thread and push the needle through all of the petals, just like the pic:)
Push needle all the way through.
Do this a couple times, but not too many because you still want to be able to move the petals to your liking!

Step 5:  After you have the thread through all of the petals then gently pull the petals apart so you can make a complete circle with the petals.  Your flower will have a gap in it when you pull the petals apart.

It will look something like this!
 Step 6:  You will pull the first and last petals together, so there isn't a gap.  Then take your needle and thread it through the gapped petals to the petals closest to them.  I did this several times, so there was a gap no longer:)
Sew the gap shut!
 Do the same process to the smaller petals as you did to the larger one.  Repeat Steps 2-6.
Finished Smaller flower
Step 7: Stack the two flowers on top of each other and sew the together.  Try to keep your stitches more towards the center of the flower, that way you can't see the stitches as much.  Plus, the button will cover up whatever is right in the middle.

Stack on top of each and sew together.
Step 8:  Grab your button and put it in the middle of the flower and sew to the flower.  Add a back to the flower and it is finished!!!  Isn't it so pretty?

The petals aren't arranged perfectly:-/

There you have it, your finished felt flower!  I will be using this flower along with the one I made yesterday for my project that I'm still working on!  Stop back next time to see what it is:)

Until next time!!!!
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  1. I love this tutorial. I need to make a few of these for future craft projects!

    1. I know you could use these to add to just about any type of project!

  2. This would be so cute for scrapbooking too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Laurie, it would be great for scrapbooking!!! One of the best parts is that it would be fairly inexpensive too.


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