Sunday, February 19, 2012

S'more Fun:)

I'm still not finished with my posts for my fondue recipes that I have been finding on the wonderful Internet!  A couple of days ago, I posted about the cheese fondue dip, a day after that the Court Bullion Broth, and now today, Chocolate S'mores Fondue!!!!

The dessert fondue has to be my all time favorite, so what I'm about to share with you kinda makes me sad all over again!  The hubby and I had our appetizer, salad, and main entree, so it was on to dessert!

I sliced up some strawberries, rice crispy's, marshmallows, and brownies to enjoy dipping in our chocolate dip.

Half eaten:o
You have to be extra careful when you are making this dip because it didn't work out how we wanted to to:*(

These are the ingredients that are needed to make Chocolate S'mores Fondue:

- 8 ozs of milk chocolate finely chopped
- 2 tsp of marshmallow creme
- 2 tbsp. 151 rum
- 1/4 c of graham cracker crumbs

First, melt your chocolate in the microwave before you put in the fondue pot!*we kinda skipped this step and just put it into the pot which made it burn:(  *  Make sure you do this first!  Then you take out of the microwave and put into warm fondue pot, around medium low.  Put the marshallow creme in the center of the chocolate, don't stir at this point.  Add the rum to the pot and ignite carefully.  Allow the flame to burn out and stir gently to combine.  Then add your graham crackers.  Enjoy it!!!

Until next time!

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  1. my sister has those plates! haha funny :) and yummy sounds good, i love fondue!!

    thank you for the wedding wishes :)

    1. We received those plates as a wedding gift this past summer and we are loving them:) Fondue is the best!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Looks yummy!


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