Monday, February 13, 2012

I Fondue You!!!

Hey All!!!  I hope your having a fantastic beginning to your week:)  In my last post, I blogged about what surprise I had planned for the hubby!  This post is a continuation of the first one.

We are both HUGE fans of the Melting Pot, in fact for our mini-moon that is where we ate at....yum, yum!!!  I thought it would be an awesome idea to find similar recipes for Melting Pot online and make them for him:)  We will be having a 4 course meal, yes you heard that right, for someone who doesn't do a whole lotta cooking that is quite a bit!  I went to Hy-Vee today, and I have to say for a stay at home meal it was pretty pricy!  I bought quite a bit of different types of food for each course.  I wanted to make the experience as close to the Melting Pot as I could:)  I even found some recipes online that said it was very close to the Melting Pot recipes!!!

Here's to hoping that it will all turn out. I even made a menu for him that way he will know what is being served for the night. I made the menu in Microsoft Word and I just used one of the templates they had for a menu!  I was pretty simple:)

I decided that I should add something extra to the menu....

I glued the menu to one of my pink scrapbook papers:)

Added some sparkly ribbon!


Then before we get to dessert, I will send him on a "Love Hunt" which is basically a wild treasure hunt to find his gift:)

I will definitely post some pics of the different courses and the recipes in another post, as long as it turns out alright!

What plans do you have for Vday for supper?  Are you and your significant other staying in or going out?

Until next time!
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  1. I have heard the Melting Pot is really good, but have never tried it. I bet it will be yummy making the recipes at home. My little guys have the flu, so we don't have anything planned for tomorrow. I haven't even had time to go get a gift!! It's very sad!! LOL.

    1. It really is the best! We've only been there once, but we're dying to go back and soon:) I hope your little guy gets better soon!!

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  4. Thanks for stopping by Justine and Shasta! I will have to check out your sites:)


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