Sunday, February 12, 2012

Personalized Valentine's Card!!

I know that I just posted something already tonight, but I'm soo excited about this:)  I couldn't wait to tell you all!

I'm a HUGE fan of Shutterfly!  If you haven't checked it out for yourself then you should definitely go and click away because they really do have some neat things and they do run great deals!  Speaking of deals that's just how I came about this fan-tab-ulous card!  I always get emails from Shutterfly telling me about the deals that they are running which is wonderful.  A couple weeks ago they sent me a code for free personalized card at Tiny Prints.  Whenever I'm offered something for free, I jump at the chance to get it!  Why not it's free, right?!?!?

They had soo many different was difficult to choose.
Even was able to add a pic of us:)

There were all sorts of cards to choose from sentimental, funny, suggestive, and so on.  I couldn't pass up this one, it made me burst out laughing when I first read it!

I ended up paying $0.47 for this lovely little guy!  That is quite the deal.  I don't know if they usually run deals like this or not...but it doesn't hurt to check it out.  The only semi-bad thing that I have to say is that I wanted the card to come on V-day and instead it came on Saturday.  The hubby was still surprised and did like it!

You should go check out Tiny Prints and see if you can find a gem for yourself:)

Until next time!

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