Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best Book Series of 2012!!!

Lately, I have been picking up a book more and more.  It could possibly be because it is winter and isn't quite as nice out as the rest of the seasons.  Don't get me wrong, this winter is by far the mildest Iowa has seen in 5+ years!  So, yay for us, but it's still winter and kinda blah outside.  I have been curling up on the couch with a book or two.

I heard from my hair dresser that "The Hunger Games" is a MUST read and that is the best series that she has read in a while.  Right after my hair appointment, I ran into Barnes and Noble and snatched up the first 2 books of the series.  I was kind of a little leary to buy both of them right away, but she said it was sooo good.


I must say these books are easy reads and ones that you just can't put down!  I stayed up until 12:30 am to finish the 2nd book.  Yes, they are just that good!!!!  I urge you to run to your local bookstore, library, or borrow it from a friend, and grab at least the first book within the series.  Do whatever you have to get a copy of the book!


I guess I could just tell you a little bit about the series and what makes it so exciting to read.  This story takes place in the aftermath of the country going to war with each other and in an attempt to stop the violence and the government to gain control back.  The president splits each set of people into "districts" and there are a total of 12 districts.  Each one of the districts have a certain job they have to work day in and day out.  For example, district 12 is a mining district and district 11 is a wheat/crop district.  In order to keep the citizens in control of the president, they have what they call "the reaping".  One boy and one girl, between the ages of 12-18, from each district is choosen to play in the reaping.  Those children are trained and placed in a controlled environment that the  creators of "the reaping" have made up.  One year the reaping was in a dessert, tundra, jungle, and etc.  The reasoning behind the reaping is the last child standing wins the game and also is provided with food and shelter for the rest of their lives and their families lives.

The main character, Katniss, who lives in District 12 the coal mining district is a strong girl.  She is given no choice but to take care of her family, her sister and mother, once her father was killed in the mines.  She goes out of the district to hunt and gather food in the forest which is quite risky because everyone in the district is suppose to stay within it and if she were to get caught, it could mean death!  Anyways, she meets Gale in the forest as she is hunting and they become really good friends.  Shortly after the book starts, it is time for "the reaping" and they announce who will be in the reaping this year.  Everyone gathers in the town square as 2 children are called to play in the reaping.

Her younger sister and a boy named Peeta is chosen, but Katniss doesn't want her sister to go through the reaping.  So, she volunteers herself, to save her sister!  The story quickly takes off from there!  There are so many twists and turns along the way.  It is definitely a page turner:)

I believe the movie for The Hunger Games is coming out on March 23!!!  I will definitely be watching it in the theaters:)  I can't wait!

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  1. I read the first book but need to get to the 2nd one. I will definitely be seeing the movie next month!

    1. Didn't you just love it? You should definitely get the second book for sure. I just hope the movie measure up to the book:)

  2. I loved the Hunger Games! Great choice!

    1. Jamie, I am soo stoked for the movie to come out! I really wish there were more than just 3 books.


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