Thursday, February 23, 2012

Special Surprise

Even though I have quite some time until, I have to plan the bridal shower for both my lil sis, Mandy, and my best fran, Dana, I have been pinning things like crazy!  I want the brides to be surprised and delighted for their bridal shower.  So, I'm not planning on telling them their theme and they won't know about it until the day of the shower!  Of course I asked them to pick a couple different themes of what they wanted and then I would take over from there!

At first when I started my search just a broad search such as bridal shower, there wasn't much that I liked, but when I searched something specifically like "Alice in Wonderland", "Black and White", "Spa", "Wine", and etc I had a million choices!  YAY:):)  I'm super, super, super excited in case you haven't picked up on that yet!

*Special Note to Dana and Mandy* Please don't peak at this post, it's suppose to be a secret:)  Let's keep it that way and don't go any further!!!!

~Like the lace and color
So for my lil sis's bridal shower, I have picked out Old Hollywood Glam!  I'm thinking to go with black, red, and white.  I found SOO many different ideas of how to decorate the tables!  I wanted to share with you a few(well maybe not just a few, quite a bit!):

I don't think we would have her bridal shower outside, but I do love the look of table settings and the little banner is just too cute!

Food and the picture of the older celebraties
What I like about the pic above is how the food matches the color scheme!  I also fell in love with the celebrity picture from back then!

This next pic. is pretty simple, but I love the lace, it fits more with the theme:)  It is kinda romantic.

Hostess With the Mostest

I thought that it would be neat to get some of my sister and her financee's pictures and find a computer program that you can turn a series of pictures to look like a film strip!  That would be cute to include at each table:)

Then for the games, I was thinking celebrity couple matching game, mad libs that would be made into a book for her, and making wedding dresses out of TP!  I have soo many ideas, good thing I have another bridal shower to plan:)

This website has some very unique ideas to include in a bridal shower that has the theme of Hollywood!

The theme for Dana's bridal shower will be wine!  I was thinking about using wine corks as picture holders! How fun would that be?!?!?  Also, what about using the corks for this .....
Two Twenty one
Wouldn't that be perfect for a wine themed bridal shower?!?!?!?  Or what about this idea....

Emmaline Bride
I was thinking I could buy the wine glasses from the Dollar Tree along with the candles.  Then buy a bouquet of flowers from the flower shop and viola! You have your center pieces:)

For the games for Dana's bridal shower, I was thinking of having each one of the bridesmaids buy a bottle of wine and then we could put a poem on each one of the wine bottles for the couples first valentines day, christmas, baby, and etc!  
Our Little Casita

We would have a wine game where everyone would have to guess the most expensive wine.  I think she will love these ideas!

Then for favors we could have wine glasses and set out things to decorate them such as: glass markers, jewels, sparkles, and etc!  I think the guests would have a blast being able to put their own touches on it.

I have many, many ideas!  I hope I can narrow down which ones will work the best for the bride.

Have any of you been to a bridal shower that had a theme and if so, what was theme and activities planned?

Until next time!!!

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