Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year = New Me & New House:)

Hey there fellow Bloggers!!!  It sure has been a while since I've been on here!  I have been busy with putting away Christmas gifts and finding new homes for them:)  Our house is already short on storage and yet we still have to figure out what to do with our gifts...YiKeS!!!

The hubby and I had a fabulous holiday!  It was spent with family and we had TONS of yummy food.  I can't believe that Christmas is once again over with!  It always goes by soo fast...    I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and will be enjoying the new year to come!!!!

Yes, and even our puppy got Christmas presents:)

My lovely gift from my awesome hubby:)

My oh-so-cute little niece and me:)
Before we went out to eat for New Years:)  You like my new outfit?  It's cute right?:):) Lucy always has to try to get in the pictures!

With the coming of a new year, my New Year's resolution is probably one of the most common ones, but it's something that I need to do.  My New Year's resolution is to exercise and eat  healthier which = loosing weight:)  I want to find nutrious and delicious recipes that I can share with you all!  New Year = New Me:):)  Can't wait to start the transformation and see the change!

Something that I'm really excited to share with all you is that we have decided to fix up our basement!  I am blessed to have a husband who can do just about anything around the house!  In fact, when we moved into our house 2 years ago, he did some minor, but major updates.(if that makes sense)  What I mean is that the updates were pretty little, but all of them put together completely transformed our home! We put in new light fixtures, painted, landscaping, took some cabinets down to open up our kitchen, and just maintaining the yard. 

  Now he has decided to get going on our basement:)  I'm super excited about it all!!!  I just can't wait until we get walls up and get to choose paint colors, light fixtures, cabinets, and to decorate it!!!  We started with a very blank slate since our basement hasn't been touched.  We were pretty lucky in that aspect.  Ever since we moved in we have been using our basement as storage and I must say over the years with have accumulated ALOT of junk and storage things!  So, here is what our basement looks like when we began, please excuse the mess:

Here is what is the basement looked like a couple weeks ago:

There's my hubby hard at work:)

You really have to ignore the mess!  Reno can be super messy!

My hubby's work station:)

He hasn't gotten too far yet, but he's working on it all by himself.  This past weekend my hubby's parents came over to help with plumbing our basement for the bathroom, washer, and etc.    Here are the pictures of that process:

Oh...the joys!!!!  I hate this:(  I just have to keep telling myself of how nice it will look when it's finished!
Another lovely hole for our washer and wash sink!

Kinda blurry, but here is the extension of the picture above.

The Father-in-Law cementing the whole for the plumbing:)

Our hope is that we can get the basement finished by June or July....I am crossing my fingers and toes because it sure would be nice to have it finished then:)  I guess I'll be happy as long as it's ready for our Halloween party next year!

Even though we are only in the beginning stages, I have been thinking about the color schemes and shelving displays  we could make for downstairs.  I found some major inspiration from HGTV!!!  You can NEVER go wrong with that website:)

I will keep you posted with the new reno updates and designing ideas as we get to them!!!!  I truly hope you all are having a fabulous week:)  I know I have been because we just got our very first substantial amount of snow!!!  Woohoo for snow:):):)

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