Saturday, December 10, 2011


As many of you have seen, I haven't been posting quite as much as I have been before..... That's because my husband and I went on our belated honeymoon:)  We just got back yesterday and I had to say this trip was the BEST one I have EVER been on:):)  We went to the spectacular island of Maui!!!  I fell in love with it as soon as we landed!  I seriously didn't want to leave....I want a vacation home there or just retire there!!   There really is just something about Maui that makes me soo unbelievably happy:)  It could be the crystal clear beaches....

Or the vast rain forests....

Or the mountain view from our balcony....

Or the culture.....

Or the sunsets....

 We really did have an amazing time in Maui!  I don't think we could have taken our honeymoon in a more diverse and beautiful place:)  We did many different activities and went to several different beaches.  I think we explored the whole island, but we didn't get to do everything that we wanted.  We left that for the next time we get to go on our vaca in Maui:):):)

The top ten things that we did on our honeymoon:

1.  Take a snorkeling tour that brought us to Molikini Crater and turtle bay, where we got to swim with sea turtles:):):
2.  Go on the Road to Hana which is all rain forest, beaches, state parks, hiking, and overlooks of the land!
The line going through the mountains is where we drove....windy curving, and kinda scary, but some breathtaking views and scenery:)

This was on our way on the Road to Hana...a RAINBOW colored tree!!!  I was just super, super excited about this one:)
3.  Lahaina, to see the culture and the beginnings of Maui and it's people!  Plus, we got to see one of the biggest trees on the island, the banyan tree!
Yes' it's all one big tree!!!  It's about 1/2 of a block big...crazy huh?
4.  Relaxing on the beach.

5.  Eating fresh fish at some A-mazing restaurant and you could dress super casual which was a plus!
Ono fish was delish!

Our view from our restaurant:):)
 6.  Going to the top of the Haleakala Crater, we were above the clouds!

7. Going to a's not Hawaii, unless you go to one!

8.  Stopping at a couple of the sparkling crystal clear beaches where we went snorkeling:)

It's in a town called Napali and this beach was sooo blue and pretty!!!  We went snorkeling, but it wasn't anything like when we went with our tour guide.
Tips and Advice when traveling to Hawaii:
1.  Make sure you buy a tour guide book of the island and mark out the places that you would like to go!
2.  If you go on the Road to Hana, which I strongly suggest, then make sure you keep a hawk eye on the mile markers for the overlooks and stops it talks about in your book.
3.  Bring some motion sickness meds just in case you get sea sick:o  The hubby did and it wasn't very fun for him:(
4.  If you go up to the top of the Crater make sure you bring pants, and a sweatshirt or coat because it is about 30 degrees cooler up there!
5. Bring your regular/digital camera and also a waterproof camera, if you plan on going snorkeling:)
6.  Get a rental is soo worth it!
7.  Be prepared and give yourself enough time to travel.  When it says that it takes you 30 miles to get to your destitanation it really means that it may take you at least an hour to get there:o
8.  If you get car sick easily then take something for the drive up to the state park and the Road to Hana!
9. Make sure you bring tennis shoes for hiking and to wear them!  I didn't and slipped in a big ol' pile of mud!  It's funny now, but not then...

Well, I hope everyone is having a great beginning to their week!  Not too much longer and it will be Christmas:)  It's crazy how fast this year has gone!!!!

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  1. Everything looks gorgeous!!! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii but promised my Mom when we went we'd take her with us. You look beautiful to by the way! Hubby and I still haven't gone on our honeymoon and probably won't until our first anniversary. They are so expensive :( Glad you got to take one, regardless of if it was belated or not. :)

  2. Thanks Laurie:) You will absolutely LOVE Hawaii when you do go! It definitely is worth the wait:) Even though you don't get to take your honeymoon until later that will give you something to look forward to! I'm glad that we waited because after the wedding was all over I got to plan for something else!


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